First neurology appointment, diagnosed with FND no further tests?

Hi everyone, on Friday I had my first appointment with the neurologist. In September 22 I had my first ‘episode’ of symptoms (extreme fatigue, tingling, pins and needles, weakness, blurred vision) which lasted around 8 weeks and then disappeared. In June of this year, it all came back (minus any vision problems) along with really bad nerve pain, and a few occasions where my left arm has been completely paralyzed or I’ve lost control of it (like it flung out randomly and I had to use my right hand to bring my arm back to my body).

After last year, I was given an MRI of the head and spine which came back completely fine. I was then left to ‘wait and see’.

On Friday, at my first appointment with a neurologist, I explained all my symptoms and what has been happening, and was told I would be sent for another MRI, as well as nerve test and lumbar puncture. I felt really relieved that I would get more tests and hopefully more answers. But after a few hours, the doctor called back and explained he had spoken to the consultant who said because my scan was clear last year, it definitely won’t be MS, and they have diagnosed me with functional neurological disorder and wanted to discharge me straight away.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience to this? I know from speaking to some of you in the past that your scans were originally clear? I have tried to argue being discharged so they offered me an appointment with the consultant so he can speak with me first. Surely it would make more sense to do another MRI or lumbar puncture and then if the results are clear again then to diagnose me with FND? Like it seems like they are just trying to fob me off if I’m completely honest (which may or may not be the case, but that’s how I’m feeling). Why didn’t they just give me a diagnosis of FND last year then? They haven’t even done any further tests now. :frowning:

I wonder if this is a new normal with neuro’s stretched to their limits they are trying to diagnose more efficiently? I’ve found so far in the diagnosis process it can be frustrating and you don’t always get the outcome you expect (the brain is weird)!

I’m no expert but maybe a wait and see approach would help. Monitor your symptoms and any treatment and if you feel it doesn’t ‘fit’ your current diagnosis go back and ask for more testing. Either way I hope you can be treated and get some relief from your symptoms soon. :blush: