functional or truely ms

Can someone help me please. Ive had a disgnosis of functional neurological disorder from neuro and he didnt order an mri thing is i still have some symptoms that really are persisting such as twitching in three places on left side, stabbing pains in legs that come and go but always have pain with this daily whether its brief or on and off and buzzing in right foot that comes and goes but does worsen when it returns. Neuro on first visit just gave me website to look at and i really feel its not as after 5months surely it should have gone! Some days i feel strange and off balance other days im ok but i went this week to see a different neuro for him to just read the notes from previous and saud its nothing serious but we have to look into the twitching and what not so he ordered mri which is next month if this proves normal then its the end of the road but yet i still to restart gabapentin tho for three months which he will see me again i was stunned that it was functional and have real difficulties believing this i know neuros are trained in this but something is really eating me as i have some strikingly similar symptoms i feel this scan of the brain has been ordered just to shut me up and if it is normal scan then it really will be a case of shut up and put up i really cant help but feel other wise any ideas anyone? Really would like any input. Thank you

Hi there - the coming and going of symptoms are more likely to poin to functional than anything else. I was also told I was functional a year ago because my scan was clear and my reflexes normal etc. I’ve just seen the neuropsychologist for him to ascertain whether this is true and he says not! I’m having another MRI on Monday.

There are so many reasons for having these strange symptoms - have you had your vitamin levels checked? Vitamin B12 and D are, I think, the culprits. Also blood tests for other weird and wonderfuls?

Functional just means your software is going wrong not your hardware but new advances in this field are revealing new things all the time. Some people are even blind ‘functionally’. Having said that, I never once thought I fit the description and now am relieved to find the neuropsychologist agreeing.

If you think this doesn’t fit, believe in yourself.


If I were you, I would put aside the confusion about what’s going on and wait and see what the MRI shows. No point in second guessing it - if it shows abnormalities, then the neuro should act on it whatever’s been thought so far.

There is a saying that a lot of doctors like: the best diagnostician is time. There’s a lot of truth in it too - if your symptoms are because of MS, then at some point it will reveal itself properly.

Karen x