Functional neurological disorder anyone?

I’ve been diagnosised with this functional thing for just over a year but have been battling second opinions during this time. I have come no closer to any answers and the neurologists talk to me like I’m stupid, even though they know my mum has PPMS and I know everything! And here I am myself doing it all over again :’(. I feel so poorly all the time and I’m in so much pain, I’m taking so many tablets a day I rattle and feel like I can’t take anymore. To some my life I left school, went college, mum got poorly found out it was ms I dicided to work long shifts and look after mum and run the house and ended up having a nervous breakdown. I started to recovering, mum gets worses, dads trying to bring in the money while I look after her and try to recover (thank god) for my support worker then I start to get out the house again and manage to deal with mum and help her and feel happy again then bam I’m admitted to hospital with severe jerks numbs down one side and unable to walk and here I am a year later so much worse and no better off and incase you are wondering I’m only 22 years old. I could do with some advise or just a chat maybe? X

Sorry to hear that you haven’t got anywhere since you were last on. I can’t remember what your test results were or how thorough the investigations were, sorry. Has a second opinion led to any new tests? Have you seen an MS specialist? Sorry all I’ve done is ask questions, but it’s hard to know what to say without knowing what’s happened already and my memory is not as it once was! One more question: has anyone considered that your mum may have been misdiagnosed and that in fact you have what she had and that isn’t MS? (It might explain why your test results are clear, if they are.) Karen x