First neurology appointment

Hi everyone. So brief summary I have had what my GP describes as 4 flare ups since January this year. It all started with severe pain in the top right side of my shoulder through to chest and spread up my neck and down my arm/back followed by pins and needles and weakness in my right side and my whole body shaking. The first time it happened my husband called out an ambulance where I went up to a&e and they ran several ecgs and did a chest x-ray. In the end they said they thought it could have been due to a severe chest infection. Following this I found myself still with numbness, pins and needles, weakness and clumsiness on the right side. Every time an episode like this happens it either starts with sudden pain or weakness on my right side and then shaking. For a couple of weeks and for a couple of weeks after I still get pins and needles, numbness, weakness and burning sensations. My GP referred me to neurology in June and nothing was heard. Then again in September following another “episode” he said he would write another referral saying I needed an emergency MRI as it was symptomatic of MS. So anyway, roll back to last Thursday I had my first neurology appointment and I have been left feeling quite flat and confused. I was having no symptoms/flare ups at the time of the appointment. She asked a few questions and checked my reflexes etc and told me she would send me for an brain and neck scan but that even if white dots showed up on it she would dismiss them as I don’t have a history of this. She then told me that she didn’t think it was Ms as MS does not include pain and had I ever heard of functional psychological disorder as she thinks that is what it is and that she would probably refer me to psychology instead. Apparently my symptoms are too unspecific to fit in with a neurological disorder. Her words were “I’m not saying it’s in your head, symptoms can be real but it probably stems from an underlying psychological issue”. I thought she was saying I had completely lost the plot and came away with a website to look at which took me a couple of days to even look at after the way she had worded it. I have read it and although some of my symptoms do fit in with functional neurological disorder they also don’t. I guess my question really is - can FND be diagnosed on the first ever neurology appointment and why would they dismiss MRI findings if something showed up?? Guess my only option is to wait for the MRI

Hi There’s so many people on here who have been told similar things, myself included. When you get the MRI if it does show something that is dismissed you could ask for a second opinion. I know that’s probably not much help. I’m sure others will have better advice for you. I would try to focus on having the MRI, see what the results are and then decide what to do from there Nat

Yeh I had decided to try to just focus on getting the MRI done and see what happens from there, I just found it strange that she said she would dismiss it if anything showed up and whether that was normal. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Well thankfully my MRI scan has come through a lot quicker than I had expected - 3rd December, so at least not too long to wait