MRI's a very close shave

Hi all, So Saturday I was booked for my yearly head, neck and thoracic MRI a treat like no other and one only truly appreciated by those of us who have endured it complete with contrast. Needless to say I wasn’t keen but needs must… So form completed and ready to take with me:- no false teeth, no metal plates, no metal clips and definitely not pregnant so all good until I scratched my head and well it was like being smacked by an Olympic boxer… You stupid woman you have hair extensions, sealed in with metal rings!! Stepping in to a Mri scanner with a head full of these would be plain stupid yet there’s no cautionary note on the hospital form that covers every other eventuality. So I rang and cancelled my appointment, explaining why, only to be told “take them out” not possible that requires a specialist hairdresser at considerable cost and besids they were there before your appointment came. So now I’m in the dog house with my Neurologist but I maintain there should be a precautionary note on the information sheet given out by the hospital… So be careful folks if you have extensions don’t get caught out like I nearly did.


my hospital does send such a sheet with the appt.

oh dear-lesson learnt eh and you are spreading the word-thanks!


Blimey Sally, That could have been nasty. Lets hope the info gets shared to other scanner sites. Good info. Mick

I had to remove my mascara (not as drastic as having hair extensions removed granted) because apparently that has metal elements as well, still wondering why the cosmetic industry puts metal into a product that is used on eyes, but be warned, if, like mine, its a weeks worth, take makeup remover, even if you think it’s all off, because believe me, they will find it!!!

I’ve only had one MRI scan and that was just my head. Taking off my glasses is easy. My neurologist decided that I’m overdue for another scan. The appointment hasn’t come through yet, but it may include my torso as they’ve never checked my spinal cord. I assume that underwired bras have to be removed. It’s not a problem if I do have to take off my bra, I just don’t have any that are non-wired .

You will have to remove your bra Cheerful, just remember to take out your belly button piercing (only joking!!!) xx

It’s all bras with metal, not just underwired, i.e. clasps and adjuster thingumies. I had to go and buy a pull on bra with no metal from Sainsburys (other retailers also sell them!). Which I automatically put on when going for an MRI.

I cant believe mascara can have metal in it! Or that it can last a week. When did that happen? When I wasn’t looking or wearing any make up obviously!!

Can you imagine having eyelashes pulled out by the mighty magnets? Ouch and a half.


trousers with metal zips too. I get to practice my chavvy trackie bottoms look


Mine lasts a week Sue, cos I’m a lazy baggage who can’t be bothered to wash it off properly, adds to my gothy look, well that’s my excuse anyway.

Or go in just your scruds, just make sure their M&S, better class of knickers.

I forgot that you Queen of Darkness types load up their mazzie to get extra gothyness. I used to know things like that, clearly I don’t hang out with the right people these days.


If you’re not allowed any metal, I’ve got problems. The only way my wedding ring will come off is by putting my hand in very cold water to make it contract. Then I have to use soap and/or hand cream to persuade the ring to come off.

Off the subject of metal things, years ago, when I had my brain scanned, I was told that I could bring along some music to listen to. I didn’t bother and the scanner was so noisy that I wouldn’t have been able to hear the music any way. Was I unlucky? Have things changed?

I’m still basically a lazy sod who doesn’t wash very well (eyes anyway) the goth label works because people don’t need to know I’m a scruffy cow at heart.

Apparently wedding rings are OK as gold isn’t susceptible to magnets! I only found that out recently. Test your ring on a magnet, if it’s OK, they you should be fine.


They are still as noisy as hell Cheerful, I had 1 last year. The only music that will drown out the noise is Motorhead, on full volume.

You’d best believe it!

Yes… I forgot to take off my wedding band and had visions of it flying threw my finger but the technician said it would be fine over the speaker intercom and it was!

Your OH will have some explaining to do if your wedding ring isn’t OK - real gold is fine! :slight_smile:

silver is OK too

Oh, how annoying about the hair extensions! I’ve not had any, and it wouldn’t have occurred to me (my hair is halfway down my back already) - and I don’t wear makeup except on special occasions (and I wouldn’t count an MRI as one!). I just take my specs off, and my bra because of the metal fastenings - being amply proportioned in that regard, I don’t generally like to go bra-less - and hop in. I too decline the music, as I don’t think anything I want to listen to would do the trick…Motorhead on full volume is a fine idea, but then I’d get shouted at for not keeping still! Instead I amuse myself by humming songs to the rhythm and counting the clanks until it finishes…