MRI scan & follow up appointment


This is my first post here and I think I’m just looking for some reassurance.

I’ve been struggling for the last year with extreme tiredness, silent migraines, brain fog and most recently my right leg going numb. I’m a 34 year old woman. I was referred to the neurologist before Christmas who was very lacking in bedside manner (in and out in less than 5 mins) but he did refer me for a MRI scan to cover his backside I think. I had that scan on Monday 15th of Jan and was told it would be 3/4 weeks for results and if there was nothing wrong I would just get a letter sent via the GP.

Today I’ve had a letter to call me back for a follow up appointment on Tuesday, just over 2 weeks since the scan. My question is really… does this mean they’ve likely found something on the scan?

I’ve spent so long thinking that I’m going slightly mad and there’s nothing actually wrong that I’m now terrified that there actually is something up!


stop worrying yourself daft.

basically you either have ms or you don’t.

or you could look at it as you either get answers or remain in limbo.

it is a very different tale to what you were told.

instead of wasting time worrying, use it to research the DMTs because you should be offered one when diagnosis is made.

sorry if my wording sounds harsh but i’m knackered.

and if you do get diagnosed with ms, life goes on!

hah! looking like a cast member of the walking dead, how could i say life goes on!

seriously, you will survive, you will be ok.

get lots of rest and plan a treat for the week after your appointment.

carole x

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a very wise old lady once told me worry is like riding a rocking horse you can ride all day but still get nowhere

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