mri results

Hello to all you lovely people and I hope you are all well. I have had the results from my mri that I had in dec and also a letter from my neuro who said that having read my scan and compared it to the mri done 6 years ago there are new three white spots(he did not say lesions) and that this is a very subtle change and therefore he wishes to continue monitoring me clinically and also with scanning. will hope for the best and keep the good side out. xxx

hi marydan

sorry that you have new spots on your mri.

but the fact that they are subtle changes indicates that your neuro isn’t worried and i hope that you aren’t either.

i can’t believe that at one time i worried about a spot on my chin!

so console yourself that at least you haven’t got a pimple on your nose.

stay well and happy

carole x

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