I had results via my ms nurse today from my third mri and she said there were three new lesions but they were not bright? i was diagnose 7 years ago and have not had any relapses as yet (i know i am very lucky) and as yet have not started any dmd’s but will really think about it when the neuro calls for me to explain mri. I am just a bit unsure what this means, thanks for reading my post and I hope you are all well. mary x

That sounds positive perhaps that they weren’t bright, presuming bright means not good. I’m sure someone will put me right…

Before this attack I’m having I too hadn’t had anything for 9 years so this has knocked me for 6. Makes me wonder whether if I had taken DMD’s a few years ago whether this attack would not have been quite so bad. Who bloomin knows. So if I had my time again I would take DMD’S sooner on the off chance that they helped.

Good luck.


Hi Mary,

I’ve always assumed some new lesions were almost inevitable with MS - with or without treatment!

It does, after all, mean “multiple lesions”, so if you never got any more lesions, it would sort of mean you didn’t have MS any more, which we all know isn’t going to happen (except in some parallel universe, somewhere).

Three in seven years doesn’t sound excessive.

When I was first diagnosed, I had six brain lesions and a couple of spinal ones, which I was told was “not too bad”, as they were used to seeing literally dozens!

Six months later, I had “a few more” - but the neuro never told me how many, and I never asked, as I think we had a sort of tacit understanding I wouldn’t like the answer. But I have a feeling “a few” was certainly more than two, and probably more than three! And that was in just six months!

It still wasn’t deemed of sufficient concern that there was any urgent case for getting me on DMDs - we agreed to leave it.

So three lesions in seven years (untreated) doesn’t sound unduly concerning.

I’m sure if I were scanned now, there’d be some more - I’ve no idea how many. One of the reasons I don’t want to know is that lesions correlate quite poorly with disability, so the best guide continues to be how you’re feeling and managing. I’m still doing quite well (touch wood), so I see no reason to frighten myself with an ongoing lesion tally.

What was the reason for scanning, after all this time, if you don’t mind me asking? Was it to see if the DMD decision needs revisiting, or have you reported new symptoms lately, so they wanted to see what was going on?

I think if you have only three after seven years, and they are not bright (I assume that means “active”), your neuro is likely to be very pleased!



Thank you so much for your replies. The reason I got the mri was basically that the neuro wanted to have a look and to see if treatment was an option. Hope you guys are all doing as good as you can do.

Chat soon,

Mary x x