Hi everyone, I recently had another MRI scan, the last one I had was 4yrs ago, this time I had the spine and the brain, anyway my GP says the spine was good, but that there where new lesions on the brain, now I wont have this explained to me until I see my Neuro in June, now my GP said that she thought it didn't mean that the MS was active, but because I have SPMS it was progressing,  what's you're thoughts on this, take care, Jean x

Hi Jean, so sorry to hear you`ve got more lesions. i expect Tina or Rizzo will be along to help explain things to you.

I`m not much good on that side of things, i`m more of the support friend, I hope.

Do you see your neuro in Hudds?

My next appointment is with janet Hallet, MS nurse. But why my neuro made that appointment is a mystery to me, seeing as she said i don`t have MS.............????????????

Anyway, I`m fairly sure I`ll be asking for that referral to Dr Lily at Seacroft hospital.

Sending hugs,

luv Pollx

Hi Polly thanks for you're support, yes I'm back to Hudds Neuro, I was with Dr lilly great bloke, but because I don't take DMD, because I'm SPMS he had to refer me back to Hudd's much to my dismay, take care, Luv Jean x

Hi Jean,


From what I gather extra lesions mean the load is increasing however symptoms may be very much the same as before as lesions dont always mean another system is being affected,


I had an mri in 2000 then again in 2009 and mine went from 3 to 6.  I do have a few extra symptoms but liveable.  Im still classed as RRMS because I bounce back to a level each time, although lately mobility slowing more than bouncing back.


I was told by neuro lesions dont always correspond to symptoms and some are silent lesions or old lesions making themselves known.  I think silent lesions are lesions which dont affect anything in particular.


Try not to panic, I know most of us do but then calm down when there is a proper explanation by neuro.


Best wishes, take care,



Hi Jean, I expect dr Lily will refer me back to halifax, but I wanna hear it from him that I do or don`t have MS.

luv Pollx

Confession: I am not actually sure of the differences in lesion development between RRMS and SPMS. However, I promise to read about it this week coming and let you know! (I'm always glad of an excuse to delve into research papers :-))

Karen x

thanks for that Rizzo, I'm so glad you can do that for me, I go back to my Neuro in June, and would just like to have an idea about them before that, take care, Jean x