What a rollercoaster this is, and I feel so ‘lucky’ compared to some people on here that have waited a long long time just to be heard.

So today I go back to neurologist for the results from my MRI. I am feeling allsorts.I am scared, I am eager to find out and face whatever this is, I am thinking though that nothing much will happen as have learned from this forum that nothing is clearcut in the field of neurology.

Its living with all these ‘ifs’ that drives you crazy. Roll on 11.50am. I want my legs and the life I had last year back.

Good luck for today!! Let us all know how you get on. I remember the feeling of going for my scan results…it’s an anxious time. I hope someone is going with you for support. :slight_smile:

Good Luck xx

Good luck for your appointment, I hope it goes well

PG xx

Good luck! Xx

Good luck fingers crossed for good news. Xx

Well, I am in shock as reading on these forums, people are waiting a long time to be seen or diagnosed, so I went today knowing it could be but might not be, maybe will be, but more tests will need to be donw.My head was racing at 100mph.So, I have MS. Shellshocked is the only way I can describe how i feel.A little part of me is relieved to now know, but I can’t believe its happening to me.I know our lives are what we make of them and as I read on here the other day, someone said, I may have MS, but it doesn’t have me…and that is going to be my motto.

Thank you for all your support. I now have to go for a lumber puncture, I dont know why this still needs to be done if its definite, which she said it is.Lesioins on my brain but moreso on spinal cord. What causes lesioins, how do we get them? Really silly question, but I have to ask it as have heard from someone else today that they knew someone who was very big, lost loads of weight and got MS.I have lost a good 3 stone, fitness was my new drug so to speak, and better than any anti depressant.I was doing loads, eating clean, training mean. Are there any connections?

Andie :0(

Hello Andie

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Losing weight has not caused your MS, they don’t know yet what causes ms but it’s definitely not weight loss.

I was diagnosed last year, my neuro said I’d probably had the lesions for about 20 year. I have them on my brain and spine too.

This website gives you a good description about ms and the symptoms etc, so have a read when your ready. Allow yourself time to absorb the diagnosis. It is a relief in a way like you say but a big shock too.

It’s great that your managing to keep fit and eating well, so carry on doing what your doing.

Noreen xx

Oh Noreen, the last 5 months my diet and exercise has gone right out the window, but that is going to change.Just need to gather myself together again, and get myself back to the gym pretty quick.

I know the weight issue may have sounded daft, but just wondered when had been told about someone else losing weight then getting it.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, somehow or other.

Thank you xx

Welcome to the M.S family, I say this with complete sincerety cause as they say we can chose our friends but not our family. Likewise when told I was so relieved I had a label for all my symptoms, but feared the new direction my life was now taking. I am currently going through the stages of grieving for the loss of who I was, I woke every morning for 3 months & my first thought was I have MS, why me, what have I done to deserve this, it consumed every minute of my day for a few weeks,I did Dr Google & still do, like Noreen said take time to absorb, be kind to yourself and accept all the help you can get O.T’. Physio,MS nurse and of course right here.grow a thick skin to Joe public, some of them are dangerous( don’t listen).

Regarding the diet and exercising I reckon the symptoms of MS become more exasperated if we push too much,maybe that’s why you’ve associated weight loss with MS, I know from personal experience some but not too much is good, getting to know how far we can push ourselves is important now we know what this is!!

Take Care Pauline xx

I didn’t think it sounded daft…promise lol

We think all sorts of things when were stressed, don’t we? I do!!

I keep telling myself I have to get back to some form of excercise, trouble is that’s all I do…talk to myself

Like you say, onwards and upwards

Noreen xx

Pauline, your words struck a chord that sum up exactly how I am feeling.I feel I will cope with this, but yes, grieving for the person I was and I think because the last 2 years, I have been feeling amazing, not just because I list weight, but with all the exercise I was doing, mentally I felt the best I had ever done in years. Fitter than I had ever been. My kids got fed up off me in the morning as was up with the larks and they called me Tigger because I had so much energy I was bouncing.I don’t know, a natural high, I felt AWESOME…and now I can’t run up my stairs, now I am anxious about walking on my own, worrying about the future, but it won’t change it and I know I am capable of fighting this, its just knocked the stuffing right out of me. I am still full of questions. How have they been able to diagnose me so quick when people on here are going through hell for months and years?Have they seen something realy bad on mri results for them to positively know so quick?I guess I should have asked questions yesterday but its hard when you can’t get a word out for crying.I guess I gave in.

Thank you for the support. I know I am lucky. I have no pain and I am alive.Just need to scream or something, my heads banging with trying to hold it altogether.Trying to be strong, but not managing too be.Feel full of doom and gloom and self pity, frustrated.Heres hoping today will be a better day. Thank you again xx

Hi Sunny, I don’t know what to say…I’m so sorry you have MS, on the other hand I am pleased for you that you have a dx and the waiting and wondering is over.

I don’t what I will do if I get the dx, in my head I think i’ll handle it fine and think to myself well nothing has changed as I have been ill for a long time, its just got a name now, however I completely understand where you and others are coming from about greiving for the loss of the person you once were.

My heart goes out to you, I hope that soon you will be able to accept and move on, it will happen, you just need time to come to terms with it. Wishing you all the very best.

Sending hugs {{{{{}}}}

Bunny x

Keep coming on here Andie whenever you feel the need to share. We are always happy to listen and writing down your feelings really will help you. Noreen xx