MRI Result..confused, can you help at all??

Hi All,

I am undiagnosed at present and am currently presenting with pretty much all M.S Symptoms.

I have received my previous MRI report, which I requested (nhs u.k) and I am currently awating my latest MRI results due next week.

Does anyone know or understand this part of the MRI?

" Increased Signal Intensity within theleft mastoid sinus and possibly the ear", the radiologist then questioned ear infection or septic. Well the last time I had an ear infection was about 8 years ago, I do not suffer from it and I am not or never have been septic. I will say though my ears do ring a lot and sometimes my hesring lessons, However, I have no ear ache or discharge. Any ideas what the signal intensity of the sinus means?

Thank you very much

Best Wishes to all

Hi Melsywooh

I’m not an expert but I’ll try and put this in lamens terms for you.

Increased Signal Intensity - this can indicate areas of inflammation / changes. However these signal changes can also sometimes just be age related depending on their appearance and location

left mastoid sinus and possibly the ear" - the mastoid sinus is basically an area of space near the ear

I’m not sure what your original MRi was for so difficult to put into context and what symptoms you had at the time. There are particularly ‘typical areas’ for MS inflammation to occur and the above isn’t one of them as far as I know, though thats not say it can’t happen (I’m not an expert).

Remember there are many things that can mimic MS type symptoms - infections / viruses / vitamin deficiencies but to name a few so keep an open mind. Most importantly they’re trying to get to the bottom of why you’re getting symptoms which is good news.




They can tell a lot from the MRI, my neuro said there was a little inflammation with my sinuses - and I’ve always got bad sinuses and snore really bad!

Reemz talks a lot of sense and it really sounds like this is a side issue but if you do have an ear/sinus issue it may impact your balance?

Sonia x

The good news is that, as others have suggested, none of this (the section you’ve quoted anyway) is about inflammation in your brain, which would be a possible indicator of MS. It might be just an incidental finding, with no real bearing on anything - damage from an ancient infection, maybe?

Or, perhaps you do have a “silent” infection. Sonia’s right that an ear infection could present with balance issues.

It might be relevant, but not in an MS kind of way.