Mri brain results, confused.

Hello all,

I am confused about my recent mri result, I read my mri results on the nhs app, I have a telephone appointment with my doctor on the 26th to discuss my recent mri scan but I found out tonight on the app that they found I have very extensive inflammatory change in the sphenoid ethmoid and frontal nasal sinuses bilaterally, now that’s got me even more confused, I don’t know how that links to my paraesthesia in my feet which has been chronic for over 7 years. I have had a previous sinus infection, 7 years ago while I was being treated for sepsis. Can anyone shed some light on this or been through similar? I am anxiously waiting for this doctors telephone appointment. Thank you.

Hi Kim90

The MRI picked up something in addition to checking for changes in the brain - have you had a head cold recently - the type that makes you feel that your nose is stuffed full of cotton wool? It may be that following the previous infection, your sinuses are very reactive to colds and the like; I recently had a chest x-ray of my lungs because of a chest infection and am now having tests to figure out why I have an enlarged heart (with no symptoms of an enlarged heart).

Your Doctor will best be able to explain your MRI results on the 26th.

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Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. I did have a cold and other flu symptoms prior to my mri scan and it did cross my mind that that might interfere with the scan. I am just worried if the sinus infection clouded the scan if that makes sense? I will have to stop guessing and wait for the telephone appointment. Thank you again. I hope you figure out your problem.

I’m sure the scan will be OK for the specialists to read and report on, and thank you, the Docs will get to the bottom of whatever is going on with me eventually.

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