Negative/Clear MRI

Hello everyone

I haven’t posted for a while as i received the results of my MRI and was told that it was clear. I was then sent for an electric pulse test thing (sorry not sure of proper name) to determine why i was getting numbness and pain in my hands and feet and left leg.

So the guy doing the test concluded that he ‘thinks’ i have Carpel tunnel syndrome but can find no explanation for the irregular results regarding my legs and feet. I asked my doctor if i have to just go about life as if it doesn’t happen to which he responded ‘it’s probably all just in your mind’.

So in the past 3 or so weeks i have been hit with severe fatigue again. Falling asleep at work and home and feeling like i have no control of this. Unable to carry out the most routine tasks. Brain fog, forgetfulness and slurring speech/forgetting simple words. I have been getting severe cramps in my calf muscles where i am unable to walk or stand properly. I have also developed a constant twitch in my left eyelid. Since the hot weather the symptoms have got worse.

I have been refused a second opinion, lumbar puncture and they have refused to give me copies of my MRI and report.

I thought i had the right to have copies of my notes?

Any help or advice would be good.

Thank you all in advance.


Might be worth going privately

I am sure you are correct that you are entitled to copies of your medical records by applying to the hospital in writing but you will have to pay a small fee. I think there is some kind of proviso that they could be withheld if it would be seriously detrimental to your health (which would obviously not apply to your case). Can you be more specific about the irregularities in the tests of legs and feet? If these are significant it would require a more credible explanation than that its all in the mind’.

Thank you for the replies. I asked the doctor what irregularities meant and he said they have no explanation for them. I become a bit overwhelmed when I go to the docs a tend to just stay quiet. I know I shouldn’t. I just feel like I need a second opinion as I am sure they have missed something. It was a 1.5 t mri, would that make any difference? I was in and out in 20 mins. Seemed so short.

I had clear Mri scans on my brain, and was told I Carpel tunnel after the electric pulse test thingy, 6 years ago ish.

It wasn’t until I started to show other symptoms, almost 3 years after my initial tests, that my doctor sent me back to a different neurologist, who then took a second look at my previous scan and decided he was not happy with them, he still thought the brain scan was clear but also thought he could just make a lesion in the spine, so he started a number of new MRI scans, blood tests, lumbar punch and practical examinations.

The new Mri scans showed small lesions, along side the symptoms I was showing at the time, and the lumber punch result that finally diagnosed the MS.

I still think that maybe I also have a touch of Carpel tunnel and will be looking into having it sorted in the near future.

Even after verbally being told I had MS, then having it confirmed in writing,and still showing symptoms I refused to believe.

Its funny because initially my symptoms only lasted for around 8 weeks, in fact during my second round of tests my symptoms had almost disappeared, and within a couple of weeks after all my tests they gone altogether, so when I was given the results I almost dismissed it all.

Now though two and half years later, and having symptoms daily I’m coming to terms with the fact that he (neurologist) was right all along.