Me again - Can you tell its been a rough few months :see_no_evil: I am F 34, Mum of 2 and have been having a rough time since April. Awaiting scans and neuro appointment hopefully in the next few months. Im in the UK.

So since April i have had a mix of symptoms, tingling in legs, numbness in patches of my face, stutter/forget words, 2 falls, red/hot patches on my legs and extreme dizzy spells that saw a trip to A and E. Weird finger pains in the tip of my thumb and on top of my ring fingers.

The last few days I โ€œonlyโ€ have body tiredness and some tingling here and there.

I am sitting thinking back to how I have never really been โ€œwellโ€.

15-17- Continuous ear infections, deaf in one ear for 6 months at 1 point.

I was 19 and woke with a killer headache and extreme back spasms, 6 days in hospital diagnosed kidney infection. Further 6 weeks of being very unwell. To this day I continue to get these spasms in my back.

I had vertigo/labyrinths for 2/3 years 3 times a year.

Wear and tear of the back from age 22 and mild scoliosis at the top of my back found 4 years ago.

I am always cold :cold_face: I put that down to being too skinny! I am always exhausted but I am a Mum who works full time. Exhausted to the point I cant cook, I will order food if my husband is at work.

My doctor is thinking MS- I am thinking maybe not as I seem to have too many things?. I will add I ofcourse do not want MS, but at this point an answer would be a relief as I am so over the not knowing.

Hi Alex. So, is your Dr referring you for MS, an MRI ?

Hi, yes I am awaiting MRIs

Hi Alex23

We all start questioning ourselves from time to time; try not to put too much effort in thinking about what it might/might not be. You are a busy Mum, working a full time job, cut yourself a little slack. Get the MRI out of the way and see what, if anything , it shows and which direction the docs want to go in.