MRI in two weeks - not looking forward to it at all

Hello Folks,


I'm new to the site and  definitely not one to post on forums usually but I could really do with some help.


I have my first MRI in two weeks' time. It's not the process of the MRI I am concerned about (though it doesn't sound like much fun!) but more the receiving of the results.


I've had the most unusual symptoms for well over a year now, complete numbness in my hands and feet, burnng/crushing pains in my hands and feet and sometimes up my arms, tremor, blurred and double vision, cramps, involuntary movements/spasms. It has taken some time to be referred to the neurologist The docs sent me to a rheumatologist first, he said I must see a neurologist and seemed quite concerned about my symptoms, my neurologist however seems not at all bothered by my symptoms - I guess he sees this sort of thing every day.


What is concerning me so much is the thought that they might not find anything wrong on the MRI. How awful to actually want there to be something wrong! It doesn't make sense at all! The Neurologist has said it is very unlikely to be MS as it is so rare yet the rheumatologist suggested it straight away and said I had several of the symptoms. How do I cope if they find nothing wrong
? At the moment I feel fine - the best I have in ages, yet a few days ago it was really quite painful and affecting me in several ways.


I'm sure this all sounds completely loopy. If they find nothing on the MRI what do I do? Just accept that is how things are for now? What if it is all in my mind and I am going mad!!


(Thanks happy2)

Hello and Welcome,

Are you having a MRI of the head, neck and spine? It is not that unpleasant at all. Noisy yes, but they put ear phones on you. The results will go to your neuro. You will get the results usually at your next appt' with neuro after MRI.

As you so rightly said neuro's see this day in and day out, so it's no shock to them but tend to forget how worrying it is for the patient.

Have you had any other tests done?

It can be a long process before they come to a dx. I know it's hard but patience is the only advice I can give, but if there is something wrong a MRI would most likely show it, depending on which part of you the MRI is done.

If they don't find out there is something wrong from the MRI, don't give up, as it's your body and only you know how you feel. Keep pushing until you get a dx.

I wish you luck and take care.



Hello, and welcome happy2

As Janet says, the MRI is nothing to worry about (it's basically very noisy and very boring!).

I don't know if it helps or not, but maybe try thinking of the MRI results as just one piece of the puzzle that the neuro has to solve. Your symptoms, your history, the clinical exam, blood tests and other tests' results all come together with the MRI to give a picture that, hopefully, says "It's X!"

In that scenario, a clear MRI rules out some conditions and makes others more or less likely - narrowing the field of possibilities.

One thing is absolutely certain. A clear MRI does NOT automatically mean that nothing's wrong. In fact, there are many neurological conditions that do not show up on MRI.

So try and take it one step at a time. Hopefully the neuro will work it out quickly, and get you the right treatment and support very soon.

Karen x

Hi. Please dont worry about the MRI. Its definitely not the worse thing I have ever had! Its boring and noisy, but apart from that, its fine!

I am not diagnosed yet.. just having lots of tests, but please dont worry about the results either. I have the philosophy that I dont worry about anything unless I am told its definite. Personally I find the symptoms horrible, so am just looking forward to knowing what it is I have!  I will make life decisions based on results as and when I need to.

I have had lots of blood tests, am having VEP test, and MRI of the spine (had one of the brain already) and depending on whether there is a definitive diagnosis after then, I will maybe have a lumbar puncture.

Am thinking of you and hoping you will get answers soon x

Thank you all for replying - as you can see, I don't get chance to reply very often but I did read your messages as they came through. It's nice to be able to talk to others in a similar situation.


I've had loads and loads of blood tests, some x-rays on my hands and feet and all sorts of other weird, uncomplicated tests where the doc tries to push you over etc!

Everything has been clear - they can't find anything wrong apart from a distinct lower degree of sensation on my right side.

Next week I have an MRI of the Head and of the Spine Cervical (according to my paperwork).

I've been feeling pretty bad for a long time now but just very recently things have been a lot better. It's only now I realise how bad I actually was - suddenly now I can walk and move properly. I'm still having occassional uncontrollable jerking of my entire right side, cramps in my hands arms and feet and my vision is still affected (though this is a recent new symptom). I'm now just incredibly tired, like I never have been before - maybe it's just my body's way of celebrating the fact I am feeling better....yay! let's sleep properly at last!


I've just read the other thread on here from the person who has had a clear MRI. I'm guessing that will be me soon, I'm just hoping that if it is clear that the symptoms don't worsen again. Mr consultant chappy seemed to think if the MRI was clear I would just have to put up with the symptoms and he would discharge me - it took over a year to get this far so I don't want to have to start again! Argh!



Hi love,

Don’t worry about the MRI. I’ve had 4 until now, the first one was 20 mins and the last one in Feb was two hours! It’s just mighty boring and loud. I suggest you ask them to let you know how it’s going once in a while as well so you hear a voice! Also, are you going to have a dye injection?

My first scan showed barely anything, and it’s taken me eight years to get a diagnosis. It’s not just about the MRI. Whenever I see my consultant he always does tests on reflexes etc that show them things, as well as pin prick tests and tests on your eyes. I also had a test done called a visual evoked potential. And I’ve had CT scans and xrays… This will not be your last test, so please don’t worry and don’t doubt yourself, because none of us WANTS to be here…