MRI follow up- Jury's in...

Hi guys / gals MRI showed no lesions/ areas of hyperintesity. With another neuro exam completed today and lack of in their opinions blatant clinical symptoms the conclusion is no MS. Also no brain tumour ( space occupying lesions). However. There has been an incidental finding of two cavernomas. One in Pons area and one too far in to frontal area so onward referral to neurosurgeons and contrast MRI needed. Neurologist today says its not his area of expertise but often found incidentally during MRI and often asymptomatic. I did query whether related to my worsening and chronic getting headaches esp as right sided which is where one of them is sited.Apparently not. Until you check literature of course which which indicated headaches and seizures can be consequence. For me whose recently been told funny turns starting 4 years ago are seizures. So now hypervigilant re this and wondering if actually had bleeds already. Treatment is do nothing. Or neurosurgery So stunned re this though relieved in part

Hi, mmm…had to google cavernomas as I didnt recognise the word. But reading on I saw the word hemangioma`…I do know this word.

I have a little cluster of this on my abdomen…had it eons with no problems. Had it checked for cancer and no, it`s fine.

My daughter has 3 hemangiomas in her liver. They do give her some pain if she drinks alcohol, so she steers clear of it.

These hemangiomas are collections of blood cells which do feed of one`s blood.

And yes, it does seem they can be the cause of seizures in the brain. Mmmm, not nice for you chick.

But the good news is that it isnt MS.


Thanks Bouds. One of my biggest fears re Ms .apart from it all, was the uncertainty of when it would strike eg relapse. This is same here but each incident is theoretically a medical emergency. Am so fed up with it all and lack of joined up working with health professionals. Now in midst of 37 hour headache. When gone Gp…its all …wait to see what neur say when in fact they say…cheerio…

I’m relieved for you it isn’t MS, I think for now have a little celebration of that and maybe allow yourself a week to regroup before chasing any more appointment regarding the condition they found. You deserve a break!
I hope they are able to help you manage it in a less extreme way than surgery. Sending you lots of love, can imagine it must have been a very emotional few days

Thanks. MRI with contrast first. Going phone neuro as he was treating MRI and not patient so whilst MY worry was MS…it was neuro sympton that took me down that path. These have been ignored. MRI also says likely cavernoma but query other haemorrhagic lesions…

Oh gosh all sounds very complicated and how frustrating for you to still not have an answer! Keep reminding them about your symptoms, some doctors will just ignore anything that doesn’t make sense to them but you weren’t imagining it at the end of the day! Hope you get some answers soon xx