MRI done today and now the waiting game

Hi all,

Ok so thismorning I had my head MRI once more with the injection to help see whats going on.

Surpised they didnt want a spine one as well as the last two were blurry, I dont want to waste anyones time but staying still for so long with twitchy legs even on meds dont help.

And now we wait, hear comes the waiting game, now within 14 days of my last nuro appointment I had my bloods and now the MRI so I would like to think I would be seen soon, I know wishful thinking right? its very unlikely. maybe 4-6 weeks unless they do find something else.

Part of me wants there to be another lesion but the other part is saying I dont want another lesion when it was only in August they found the first one. I am not worried, or conserend, Im not scared or unhappy, not anymore. I really have come to terms with it. Life is by no means over regardless, but to draw a line under it and find out would be the best.

My video I promised is still waiting to be recored, I will ask admin on hear if they can put it up for me. hoping this week as last week I wasnt too good.

Peace and Love

Ah Tom, I really feel for you. I think a diagnosis is way better than being in limbo, as at least you can start to properly adapt and move on, and get treatments that suit when needed. I am very grateful that I was diagnosed within three months of my first MS suspicions and just eight months from my first noticeable problems (thought it was solely a visual problem at that point). I’ve been told that the first year or two is when MS can cause the most relapses, then it normally settles to 1-2 per year in the majority of cases. So if they do find another lesion, it’s fairly normal. In hindsight I had 3 or 4 relapses within the first 12 months (only two “official” though), and 11 months after diagnosis I’ve had just one much milder and shorter one. I hope you keep improving and everything settles down as soon as possible. At least you are being thoroughly tested. Take care X

Thanks guys,

Yes we will see, I am sure all the poeple in my situation feel the same only I am lucky to have great support from my wife, Although all my firends and family are rubbish ha ha, A text to see how you doing from time to time would be good, but once a line is drawn awa we go. thanks Ems useful to know about the lesions we will soon see what happens but I shall keep trucking on.

Hahahaha!!! You can’t choose your family, but you obviously chose well with your wife! My hubby is very supportive too, and especially so when I’m struggling to keep on top of housework and looking after the kids when I’m fatigued. I couldn’t do it without him! My parents in law on the other hand are in total denial…the recent comment was “do you think it was just the stress of moving house and it will all blow over?!”. They very rarely ask how I am but when I mentioned my last relapse they looked completely shocked, like they had completely forgotten I had MS!!! Then they asked me whether I’d taken on too much by having two children close together and would it all calm down when they’re older!!! It just makes me laugh! You certainly find out who you real friends are in these situations. I have some long standing friends who are not really around now, whereas I have had no end of offers of help from other mums I met last September for the first time when my eldest started school! These are the people who I can see being my biggest support with help for school runs etc. Take care x

Hay mine is opposite, My inlaws, well my mother inlaw has come up twice and helped my wife and I for 2 weeks at a time. (there in Devon we are in Essex) and as lazy as it sounds we have a cleaner on a Friday for two hours, but I do all the cooking, clothes washing, washing up, e.t.c fatigued or not I get it done some how. My friends dont seem to know how to deal with it so instead of asking me how I am they just continue on as if nothings wrong which is fine as they have all seen me lose it at someone, (only once have I done this) for being completely inconsiderate and asking the most stupid of questions and quite insulting.

Life goes on and I have everyone hear. We are both lucky. I couldnt do this on my own.

I’m very jealous that you have a cleaner!!! (I say that having just cleaned the bathroom, shower room and downstairs cloakroom!!! Next stage hoovering and dusting!!!). X

See thats his job to do, (yes a male cleaner, my wife is very happy about this), £20 a week well spent really, its a great help.

Well onwards and upwards Ems, maybe put cleaner on your Chrismas list.