Waiting game....


My partner had his 2nd MRI yesterday,he was in the machine for 1hour and 20mins, now we have to wait to see the neuro on the 14th Feb, it feels like a lifetime away,all this waiting and not knowing even though it def does sound like my partner has MS.

Does anybody know wether he will have to have more tests done (neuro did mention lumberpunctare,and a test on his eyes)but we have not heard anything more only the 2nd mri. Will the neuro be able to determine wether it is MS from a 2nd mri? as on my partner 1st MRI it was showing up with white spot things which neuro said looked like MS as the nerves was uncoiling and from all previous medical history too.

I just want my partner to have a definte result so we can get things sorted,as work is exhausting him and making life hard for him but he does not want to leave till he has an “official diagnosis”

Just feel like we are living in limbo land at the moment


i know how your partner feels about the definite diagnosis thing, it somehow needs to be confirmed so that you can prove to others you really are ill as a lot of stuff thats going on is things that cant be seen, making it very difficult for others to understand.

it could be that he’ll get the diagnosis this time if the mri shows more lesions, if not then maybe thats when the lp and eye testing will be done, its all guesswork though, different neuros seem to have differing opinions.

if you havent read about “the mac donald criteria” that will give you more info, there was a post on this site a couple of days ago about it or you could google, the criteria was updated in 2010 i think.

best wishes

mandy xx

Hi, I know what it`s like…all the waiting and then you may not get a firm diagnosis.

Been messed about with myself for 14 yrs and still have no dx.

No-one here can give you definite answers, only likelihoods, I`m afraid.

Your partner may have to go through other tests. That was a long time in the MRI machine. I`ve had 5 and the longest was almost an hour.

Hope you get some proper answers soon.

luv Pollx

Me again. Rizzo (Karen) usually replies to your kind of post, as she can offer more detailed info.

luv Pollx

The simple answer is yes, it’s possible that your husband may be diagnosed without the other tests. It rather depends on whether or not he has any new lesions as well as whether or not the lesions are generally in the “right” places for MS.

Saying that, the neuro may well want to still do the LP and the VEPs (the eye test) if only to be thorough.

If I were you, I would try and contact the neuro to tell him what’s going on before you see him. Basically get a note on your husband’s file so that the neuro reads it just before your appointment. It’s that or be prepared to incur your husband’s wrath by “grassing” on him in the appointment (if the neuro is going to wait until after more tests to give a diagnosis), i.e. telling the neuro that you are really concerned that your husband is making himself even more ill by refusing to rest until he gets a proper diagnosis and asking if further tests are absolutely necessary. You might be able to get a note on the file by phoning the neuro’s secretary. They might not do it, but if you think it might help, it is worth a try!

I know 14th Feb might seem a lifetime away, but try and stay strong!

Karen x

Thanks I feel like all I do is moan on here lol. When I rang the neuro sec i told her he is getting worse etc i think thats why she gave me an early appt as usally in our area we are waiting for at least 6 weeks or more to see a consultant!

thanks again xx