Waiting game


Ok so my story begins over two years ago. Saw my GP for tingling and pins and needles in my arms. At times experienced what was like an electric shock. Could find no reason so went on with life. Not long after began getting a sensation like a million ants crawling under my skull. Again no real answer but put down to a previous surgery to my skull and possibly nerve damage.

Fast forward to mid 2018 when I began to experience a blurring in one of my eyes. Sent to an ophthalmologist- he could find no oblivious problems so sent me for a MRI. Came back with multifocal T2 hyperintense foci in bilateral frontal lobe too numerous than expected for my age (45). Was then sent to a neurologist for assessment- after waiting months to be seen he is putting it down to migraines. I’ve never suffered before but to appease me he also sent me for a spinal MRI. Also started me on meds for migraines, These have made no difference!

Results have just come back saying 3 tiny foci of increased T2 signal on c3/4, c4/5 & c7/t1. Of course the neurologist is away so saw my GP. The neurologist hasn’t even sent the findings from my initial consultation over 6 weeks ago! I feel my symptoms are getting worse (developed a rash on my belly about two weeks ago- rash gone but burning sensation at times on the skin of my belly). Also now feel at times a freezing sensation in my lower legs. Spinal scans also showed mild spinal cord stenosis and mild facet joint arthropathy.

Very confused as to what to think - has any one else had a similar experience. Don’t want to think the worst but?


It’s not really the best idea to try to compare symptoms. We all experience MS quite differently, sharing some symptoms but not others. And in addition, there are lots of diagnoses that share symptoms with MS. The MRI reports are a bit difficult to translate into simple English, so I think you’ll probably be waiting for your neurologists appointment to find out exactly what the MRI really means.

Your GP isn’t able to either make a diagnosis of MS, nor to rule it out, for that it has to be the neurologist. You’ve said the neurologist is away, I assume you’ll have a follow up appointment at some time. Hopefully soon.