Waiting game

So I had my head and spine MRI with contrast on Saturday And now have to wait for the results. Have an opathomology appointment Wednesday Due to the blind spots they have found, just nervous for the results as the neurologist Has already said what he is looking for. Just feel like a sitting duck

I too am in somewhat of a waiting game. Had various symptoms over the last few years starting with blotchy/blurred spotted vision in my right eye. All tests at that time with the opthamologists confirmed my eye was healthy.

Since then I have had new symptoms arise which resulted in a new MRI in January this year. That picked up possible demyelination or an outside chance of intramedullary space-occupying lesion. I then got referred to my current neurologist who wanted a contrast full spine and brain MRI. Had my follow up (10 week) appointment yesterday and although he hadn’t had the MRI results yet, he did have the MRI to view which he showed the demyelination in my spinal cord in my neck as well as a few “bright spots” in my brain and he is positive of some form of MS.

Just now need to wait on the MRI results to him and then maybe lumbar puncture if they are inconclusive.

Not what I wanted to hear coming up to Christmas and feel disconnected from everything at the moment. Whilst my girlfriend is very supportive I kind of feel like i have no where to look or turn for inspiration. Hence joining here today.