Mri date

Can’t believe I’ve had a date for my MRI,10 th July,that’s just over a months wait,can’t fault the NHS.

just hope it isn’t a waste,as the doc has only ordered a neck MRI, he thinks my symptoms,pins and needles in feet,leg,arm,face,painful ribs,pins and needles down spine when putting head to chest,latest was a bout of neuralgia which has left me with tinninitis,is,all down to my neck. Where do I go from here if it comes back clear? Just wish docs listen to you when you go to them with your symptoms thanks

That’s good news that you have such a close MRI, but when do you have another appointment with your doctor or the neurologist. I think it’s the old “we wait and see” depends if you have any lesions, you may have to see the neurologist but if none then your GP will make an appointment, and more tests.

Kay good luck

Wow, you are lucky. I was referred at the beginning of June and haven’t even had a letter of any kind yet. There’s a six month wait for an urgent neurologist appointment so if that’s anything to go by it could be some time before I have my MRI :frowning: