MRI advice please :)

Hi everyone! So I’ll try and make this short! I’ve been having symptoms on and off since last year which started with a painful blurry eye, coordination problems, fatigue, vertigo, heavy limbs, pins and needles, clouded thinking, horrible headaches etc. I did have a brief break for a few months but then it all came back with the addition of muscle cramps, spasms, pain at points on my spine, sensitivity to hot showers, inability to hold my arms above my head, dragging feet towards the end of the day (obviously exaggerated due to the long journey home from work!) I’ve been to my Neuro and took meds for migraines but everything persisted. I’ve just had a c-spine MRI which has come back with comments ‘a widening of the canal in the middle of the cord’ and I’m now due for a full spinal MRI with contrast. Can anyone explain this to me? Could the widening be due to inflammation or is it more likely that they’re looking for something else? Any responses appreciated!

I know a fair bit about the brain, but I am not much better than a novice when it comes to the spine so please bear that in mind! The central canal is the thin tube running down the middle of the spinal cord. It can be wider in some people as a congenital defect that causes no problems, but sometimes it can develop and put pressure on the cord causing neuro problems. This link gives what seems to be a very good explanation: Karen x