A letter from the neuro...

And just like that, after all my complaining I get a letter from the neuro about the MRI I had in January. Brain was normal (actually I personally think I have a super brain!), but

‘MRI cervical spine showed a mildly prominent central canal between C6 and T1 (this is called hydromyelia). The conclusion to our discussions was that this is probably an incidental finding and not linked to your symptoms.’

Most of my symptoms are lower body, but I’m now wondering if my arm weakness/ hand stiffness and the electric shocks I get down my arms when I roll my shoulders are linked to this? Neuro doesn’t know about these, as they became more prominent a month after I’d seen him. Anyone have any experience of this condition?

No mention of me needing to speak to anyone about the hydromyelia, so I’m assuming it’s nothing to worry about!


Hi Paula, if this was me, I think I would go see my GP and take the letter…but he/ she should have a copy, but it may not be easily found…and ask what they think and if another referral is needed.


Hi Poll,

Went to GP, and she’s not sure what he means. It turns out that hydromyelia can be completely benign, or completely devastating. Neither of us are happy with his lack of detail, or the use of the word ‘probably’. We think that it must be benign, as he has put such little thought in to explaining it - its not important, so he hasn’t bothered explaining it. She is going to ask him for some more info though.