Don't understand MRI

Just had long awaited scan results of cervical spine, which I really don’t understand. A thin tubular fluid collection within central portion og cord at C7 measuring 10mm in length and 2mm diameter. Neuro is asking for scans to be Neroradiology MDT and will write if any further thoughts. Had scan in 2006 when I couldn’t move and in horrendous pain. All I know is i am so tired with numbness in hands, pins and needles plus odd feelings in my face and my whole body just feels weak and heavy. Any thoughts, please.

Hi Sus,

A “tubular fluid collection” in your spinal cord would certainly account for at least some of your symptoms, but does not sound at all suggestive of MS - there is no mention of keywords like “lesion” or “demyelination”, and an MS lesion would not typically be so long and thin, or described as “fluid filled”.

I think they’ve definitely found the suspect, but I don’t think it sounds like MS. I can’t really venture what it might be. There is a condition called syringomyelia, which sounds rather like this, but please don’t Google and panic, because it really is only a wild guess, and not something I know very much about.


It means that the “central canal”, a thin tube full of CSF that runs through the centre of the spinal cord, has widened slightly at the bottom vertebra in your neck, C7. There could be various reasons for this, but as Tina already said, this is not something found in MS. “MDT” stands for multidisciplinary team - the neuro has asked the neuroradiology MDT to review your scans and come up with suggestions.

I think the best thing to do is to wait and see what the MDT come up with. I’ve read that these kind of things can respond to surgery so please don’t go crazy on google and scare yourself with the possibilities (there are bound to be loads and some will be scary!). Hopefully yours will be fixable and you can put all this behind you.

Karen x

Thanx so much for your replies u have been so helpful. I just want to get to the bottom of it. As shooting pains in my head r getting worse and the feeling that I’ve been punched in the face is not fun… Must point out I’ve never actually been punched in the face!!! Again thanx for advice and support ur fab :slight_smile: