Well after a long time of waiting finally got my latest results… normal again!!! I’m so frustrated!! How can I be so ill… ill enough not ot be able to work and nothing shows up!!! I have a poative babinski, bladder retention, whihc I believe can only be cause by a spinal lesion of some sort, spastic paraparesis in my legs, leg spasms, migraines, eye blurryiness, pins and needles, terrible fatigue… the list goes on…

I need to know what’s wrong with me…

The letter I got, does say a bit extra, whihc I don’t understand… can anybody translate?

"This lady’s recent MRI scan of the spinal cord is reassuringly normal. Previously seen subtle slightly enlarged central canal of no clinical significance remains much the same"

What does enlarged central canal mean? And if it is of no clinical significance, why mention it??

It also has mande me realise that there are probably other things in my records I don’t know about, so I am going to request all my medical notes.


After doing a bit of googling, it keeps coming up with Syringomyelia. I know googling is dangerous! But I really need to knwow whats going on!!

Hi Jules, sorry to hear you didn’t get any clear cut answers fro your latest MRI. I don’t really know what your report means, I know that the central canal of your spine is where the CSF is, but don’t know what an enlarged one would indicate. Have you ever had a lumbar puncture? Do stay away from Dr google though, he will drive you crazy! Can your GP explain the results with you perhaps? Laura x

Hi Jules, I had a scan in 2011 which showed a cervical lesion. I had another in 2012 and same lesion was seen. I then had another scan about 6 weeks ago and the lesion has “resolved” on this recent scan ! I still have symptoms positive babinski sign and spasticity only on right leg. One of my neuros reckons that I had an attack of spinal inflamation (myelititis) which has resolved but left me with some residual symptoms. The thing is if I had left going to a neuro until now nothing would be seen. I have been told that people can have attacks and years later they get the symptoms even though the situation seems to have resolved on the MRI.

Basically I had an attack of numbness and weakness in 2008 which resolved after 6 weeks. But nearly a year later I noticed issues with walking - dropped foot. This got worse so saw a neuro in 2011. Had MRI and LP. LP was clear and MRI showed cervical lesion. This neuro said it was due to radiation damage from treatment that I had in 1990 for cancer. Anyway in 2012 I saw NHS neuro and MRI and LP were repeated - same results. Then last December I went back to first neuro and had a treatment of Avastin infusions which has been reported in US as having a positive effect on radiation myelopathy.

The first neuro says the avastin has worked but the second reckoned still reckons that it is all due to the attack I had in 2008.

Anyway I am left with a clear MRI and a noticable limp!

Moyna xxx

Thanks Laura.

I know google is a terrible thing, but I’m quite educated and generally look at medical sites, I don’t beleive everything I read either! It is a nightmare place though!

Yes, I had an LP when I had my last MRI (same day) in 2011. Aparently it was there then! Only I wasn’t told! I have requested all my notes for my neuro, as I am certain information hasn’t been passed to me. Anything information is better than being left in the dark!! When I get my notes I’m going to see my GP to help me.


That’s the thing isn’t Moyna… some lesions can not show on the mri as the inflamation goes down. And my brain hasn’t been scanned since 2011, how do they know there are not lesions showing now?

It’s so annoying being left with clear MRI’s when you know there is something gong on!! Frustrating isn’t the word!!!


I’ve just found out what ‘no clinical significance’ means if anybody sees this sentence on their own reports. It means ‘not causing any symptoms’ !