Hi! My friend recently started a website that serves as a meeting platform between carers (PA's) and PA users. It is a great way to find those who can help you and those who need some help. It is new and currently growing, but already has qualified and good people. It is based for UK only.
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If you have aditional questions feel free to ask me! Let's help as much as we can!

sounds great.

now you just need to find a forum where you can share the link.

maybe you could ask on here that if anyone is interested to send you a private message. that way you can share your email address and correspond with that.

Hi my friend has Ms and is moving in with me as he can no longer cope. Any help advice please

Hello Justme, your friend is lucky to have a good pal like you.

How much help will he need? If it is personal care and you struggle, he could ask social services for a care assessment.


Thanks, personal care is fine lots of humour. He doesn’t want social services involved but I want to make sure I dont take away who he is

ok chuck