Wanting to help my carer friend

Hi all,

A friend of mine’s father has just died suddenly and his mother has MS. We’re not actually especially close but I really want to be able to do at least something to help.

I don’t know much about the severity of her condition but I do know she needs 24 hour care and isn’t really able to speak. He is 25 and doesn’t have much in the way of other family so is likely to be her full-time carer for at least a little while whilst grieving for his father.

Anyway, I’m looking for things I can do to help, advice that I can pass onto him is great but really I want things that I am able to do on his behalf that will benefit without giving him a load of work to do at a difficult time.

So far, what I have found is the Benefits Calculator for carers which I will be passing on to him, the local carers resource who I will be calling this afternoon to see what they can offer and I’m looking into small grants and funds (but I’m imagining they take a little while to materialise).

Is there any quick wins that I can provide to him from behind my computer on the other side of the country that will make his life easier?