I’m a 43 year old with SPMS. I’m looking into getting more support at home (I live alone and sometimes with my 7 year old boy.) I’ve always been fiercly independent, but need to give that up now. I’m struggling to get out now, and want to find out where support is available.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


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Hi Tom,

For advice on support for people with disabilities you should contact your local authority (Borough Council) and ask for the Adult Social Care Team.

There is also the Department for Works and Pensions, but as I don’t know your employment details I can’t be more specific. See you local job centre; they’ll be able to assess your needs. ]

The Citizens Advice bureau is a great source of information and they can help with the paperwork as the DWP’s forms can be long and complex.

Come back if you need any more help. I don’t have all the answers but, what I don’t know, someone else will.


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Hi, I use Direct Payments to pay for care. Carers come to get me up, showered etc. They also take me out twice a week and on short breaks.

Other than this, my hubby is my main carer.

Just ring Social Services and ask for an assessment

Likewise ring for an assessment from an Occupational therapist. They will assess your home to see if there is any equipment or adaptations which would help.