Hi, I hope you’re all as well as possible. I am moving soon to Colchester from London . I was told by my MS nurse that I will need to sign up with a GP there as soon as I can. I was using hospital transport in London & I had my Tecfidera home delivered. The MS nurse asked me if I wanted to stay at the National to see the consultant so I said probably not as I only see her once a year & would need to travel to London. Does anyone live in or near Colchester & if so could they recommend a consultant? Also I’m assuming I will attend Colchester hospital & will get my Tecfidera there… anyone who maybe knows? Thanks Helly.

hi helly

try ringing the tecfidera helpline to ask about this.

i haven’t needed to ring them but the copaxone people were very helpful. (my previous DMD)

sorry i had to switch really.

carole x