Moved to Colchester

Hi, I hope everyone is as well as possible. We have moved to a small village just a couple of miles from Colchester & I have registered with a G.P. I am on my last packet of Tecfidera & although the G.P said he’d ask for an urgent Neurologist appt to be able to get my Tec I have heard nothing. Does anyone know what I should do as, I’m terrified of running out of Tec & having a relapse!! When I lived in London I attended the National Hospital in Queens Square & had a home delivery of Tec. Hope someone will be able to advise me. Thanks.

If this were me, I`d keep on at the GP, saying you need to know your meds will come in time before you run out.

or ring the hospital and speak to the neuro`s secretary re your appointment.


hi helly

is Healthcare At Home the delivery company?

if not, do you know who is?

giving them a ring is probably your best bet.

carole x