Moved to Colchester

Hi, hope everyone is as well as possible with this damn MS. I have not been on for a while, because packing moving & unpacking!! We have moved to a bungalow in Colchester, its more sensible for us, smaller, easier to clean, & it own parking space. One things for sure we’re never moving again…very stressful!!!

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hope you are very happy there xxx


There’s an MS centre in Colchester. I don’t know much about it but it might be worth looking up.

I’ll be moving soon myself. I hope you’re really happy in your new home.


Glad to see you’re settling into your forever home!

Great stuff!


Squaddie town … Iceni land Boudica

Hi. thanks for your reply’s & best wishes. I have met my MS nurse, she came to the house ( this would never have happened in London). She said she see’s 600 people with MS, I said that’s 601 now! A few weeks ago I got my appointment for mid September, so all very organised.