Anybody in Essex?

Hi I have posted this on the before diagnosis section but thought I’d ask on here as well, I am not diagnosed but wondered if anybody lives in the Essex area and attends broomfield to see their neuro? Thanks x

Hi there I’m from essex but I go orsett for my neuro, I got dx in December with rrms, if u ever need a chat just send me a message. Lisa

Oh thanks Lisa, I haven’t heard of that hospital but be nice to chat to someone who lives close x

It’s not far from basildon hospital, have u heard of that one.

Yes I know Basildon. I’m originally a northerner so not great with knowledge of some places down here. Do you live in Basildon? X

I’m from Romford, I see my neuro at Queen’s hospital

I’m close by in Colchester and go to the hospital here. x

Hi I go to Orsett to see my nurse and Basildon for neuro x

Hi I’m another one that goes to Orsett to see my ms nurse and Baildon if I need to see a neuro x

What a same world I’m from corringham and see my ms nurse and neuro in orsett.

Mention to say small world lol

God this iPad has a mind of its own.

Pity we can’t have an appointment the same day we could all have a chat, and then see the lovely EB x

Crikey what a small world it certainly is I’m from Corringham aswell and see EB regular at Orsett rather than Basildon.

Another Northerner down South here waves I live near Colchester but I go to Ipswich hospital for my MS care as they kept me on when I moved from there. I’d had a year at Colchester hospital before that and I was not impressed.

Hi, I live in Essex and attend Basildon hospital too. I have had RRMS for 12 years now. Happy to chat any time x

I go to Broomfield to see my Neuro too. Pm if you want to chat

Toodles fluffy xx

I go to Broomfield to see my Neuro too. Pm if you want to chat

Toodles fluffy xx