Anyone out there from North Cambridgeshire/South Lincolnshire?

Hi all!

Just curious if there were any other m’sers on this forum from my neck of the woods? Sometimes it feels like I am the only one, I know thats not true though, sadly my ms nurse is always very busy!


yes I’m in the area ,


Well hello John! What a suprise, I was really beginning to think I was the only ms’er who used this forum from our area. So it’s you taking up all the ms nurse’s time then lol!


well I see the ms nurse almost “every” year , sometimes less , :0) , less frequent since I had to give up d.m.d’s I’m afraid :0( , do you find the face to face visits useful ? , or do you just talk to the answerphone mostly ?

I see our ms nurse every 6 months, she’s great but I do find that everything I say she explains it away with how the nerves are short circuiting with my brain like electrical wires and then suggests alternative drugs to what I’m on! Answerphone - I left a message a few weeks ago and she replied five working days later as she promised in her ansaphone message, can’t complain! If you have given up the dmd’s are you saying you are secondary now? pm if you want to talk privately


will pm, :0)