Moving to France?

Hello all! I’m new to here but not to MS, was dx in 2012… I’ve got RRMS and and awesome neurologist who has been with me from the beginning.
I’ve recently been offered a job in France (Bordeaux) and would love to move there for the better weather and lifestyle for my MS.
Does anyone know anyone who has moved there with MS? I’m on Tysabri and don’t want to come off, I was wondering if I could easily enough transition to taking it in France?

Or does anyone know anyone who has moved but kept their neuro and treatment here?


I had ever intention to move there (Bordeaux) but like you worried about care and prescription so stayed put - damn! I don’t know what you’d need to do now to live or apply to live there and what access you’d have to their health provisions - Brexit - would you be liable to pay? How’s your French? Was seen x2 in A+E twice in Marseille but that was when I was on holiday and Brexit hadn’t happened. Good luck what ever you do!

Health care in France is excellent and puts what we get on the NHS to shame. My parents lived in France for the last 30 years, and latterly had to use the health service there a lot. They had nothing but praise for it. No quibbles, no wait to get things like physiotherapy etc. either.

My question would be, how will you fixed with healthcare now that Brexit has altered things? Does having a job there give you full access to their health system? If it does then you’ve nothing to be concerned about.

Looks like they do use Tysabri in France:

Having a job does give you full access but because MS is such highly specialised care I’m worried about falling through the cracks! Also- I’m lucky to have an EU passport so that gives me a huge amount of freedom :crossed_fingers:

I’ve got an EU passport so getting work not an issue. I do speak fluent French so that’s fine too… Bordeaux is amazing, I just don’t want to miss an opportunity- I’ve pushed away so many opportunities for fear of what it would mean for my MS!

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If it is better for you and your health, I think you should agree.

The NHS has a huge number of cracks to fall through, due to starving it of cash for decades. By contrast, French healthcare seems to still be really well resourced. Bordeaux has a renowned neuroscience research centre, so looks as if you should be well served there. Looks to me like an opportunity not to miss! Good luck!