Any expats on this forum?

I’m an expat working in London and just in the process of (it looks likely) being diagnosed with MS. It scares me most because it makes it much harder to go home (good luck getting disability insurance). Is anyone else in the same position?

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I’m not in you position but can I ask where you are from? We moan about our NHS constantly, a little like teenagers moaning about our parents but like our parents it’s always there when we need it.

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Jan x

Hi Jan - I’m from Canada (Alberta actually which has the honour of being the MS capital of the world!). My thoughts about going home are all about having a broader community of family and friends so this is a bit of a drag to be honest!

I agree with you - I have to say the care and concern via the NHS process has been great. Very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional.

I just came back from my latest appointment (very adorable neuro) and so far they are saying CIS with an 80% chance of MS. So all I can do is take care of myself, let my eyes heal and keep as informed as I can. A likely long road but it helps there are others out there with loads of experience.

Thanks Jan!


Another Canadian here, and its not any harder to go back then normal. you just might have to wait 3 months (think its 3 months) before you can see any medical people or qualify for help from anywhere without it costing a fortune. they might actually want to redo any tests you have had done here, I have known a few people that has happened to. most of the problems you might have in Canada are med costs for MS (if that is what you end up getting diagnosed with), they are not cheap, and even tho there are organisations that help with the cost, a lot of the time you need to pay for the meds up front and then get reimbursed. travel insurance going back might be a bit more, but its still possible to get it

Hi faula - good to know about the meds! I’ve been here so long I’ve forgotten about that. I should check to see if Blue Cross denies any pre-existing conditions (hopefully not).

My bigger concern is about income protection (which I have with my current employer). I would expect they would still pay me in a different country but I’m sure the tax point is complex (and would require professional advice).

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