Moving house

Well all systems go after a faltering start and problem at the bottom of the very short (3) chain, do not understand why people say they want to move fast, then sit back and do nothing, still, at least you find out which 'professionals' to avoid, fingers crossed for a move in 2 weeks!


Alison x

Hello Alison.

I took six weeks on one house move,to packup and move,I did items that were not a nessacity first.I took my time in packing up,why leave everything to the last minute,start early and no panic.


Pretty much packed already, we were expecting to complete last week then the bottom of the chain decided he is not going to live in our buyers house, rather he is going to rent it out, so needed to change to a buy to let mortgage, originally he wanted to move fast (nothing to sell) had the removal firm on stand by for weeks, waiting for a date. No panic, no stress, just frustration, really won't be long now (seem to have been saying that since March!)


Alison x




Excellent Alison....

Hi Alison,

Wish you good luck for your move, will you be going far, I'd be inclined to do as Charlie has suggested and get packing. Or of course there are moving firms that pack everything up for you, but it costs that bit more.

Wish you good luck and happiness in your new home.



I know you probably have checked but your house insurance; does it cover 'critical illness' if so could mean your mortgage paid off.  


Make a decision in haste; repent at leisure.




And so a big well done to you. I have just done a cross country house move and what an epic that was! We sold to our buyer in September 11 and Completed 6 months later in march 12! Gosh! Can anyone beat that?

Good luck to you.


Hi Alison,

Know exactly how you feel. We are due to move end of June, beginning of July after being gazumped on one property despite offering the asking price! Just praying that everything is straighforward now. Hope all goes well for your move!


Hi, Boo we were almost gazumped but the people who made the higher offer decided they didn' want to get into a contract race, the vendors of ours, won't take it off the market until exchange, so we are desperate to do that and have been for weeks, it is a horrible feeling isn't it?It was quite nice to know that some people do still have integrity, they knew we were already a long way into purchase and had spent a fair  bit.

Marty, I think I could wait 6 months if they took what we are buying off the market, but they won't, hopefully won't be that long though.

George I have known for 15 years that there is no critical illness on the mortgage, couldn't get it, as we completed on this one whilst undergoing diagnosis.Mortgage is paid off anyway, so holdups have definitely not been at our end, which is probably why it feels like it's going on forever!

Janet, not going far at all,about 3 miles, maybe less, we obviously quizzed any neighbours about general info (as you do) only ones that were out, of course, and speaking to one chap, jut happens he owns the biggest local removal company (I  dealt with them over 20 yrs ago) and he offered to do agood deal if we did buy, this is after the 1st viewing, so feels a long time ago now, he has done us an outstanding price!


Alison x

Hi Alison,


Really pleased that you have found someone who would give you a good deal for your removals, hope all goes well for you. Bet you're glad it's not to far away, at least you know the area.