moving house

Can anyone give me advice/share experience. My house is becoming unsuitable and I need to move but it's all very overwhelming - especially in terms of suitable access etc.

Many thanks


Hi Helen, could you adapt your current house, that way you wouldn’t need to move and would get exactly what you want/need.


Hi Helen,

If you go to home page they have booklets and number 27 covers this very subject. Or better still give them a ring on the free phone number and they will advise you.

Hope this helps.

Janet x

I moved home in Dec 11.... best thing I ever did... the old house was too big for my day to day needs.  Now I've moved, I dont have to clean such a large 4 bed house (not bragging)   The bungalow is fab, can put the cleaner around super quickly.   My 2 girls have the upstairs dormer, so their rooms are similar to what they had before.  OK my bedroom is downstairs, but LOVING it .  I know the local authority, council help people with disabilities, I would try them, I havent used them yet, but would def give them a go.... Dont feel so bad when my hubby comes home from work now and ask him to do housework, etc, etc, x