HELP! In tears over new bungalow move

I’ve been on the Direct Allocations list for a while now and seen a few properties, none right, this one has all of the stuff I need, level entrance, walk in shower but is filthy and will have to get someone to deep clean it, etc. but since saying I’d like the keys and making appointments with the O.T. to visit again to make sure that the bungalow suits my needs I’ve had my ESA stopped so now I’m only depending on DLA and my savings are 1p over the limit for any housing benefit; I’m paying full rent and looking at my bank account/budget spending twice what’s coming in! They’re only going to give me the weekend to do the move! If I want longer I’ll have to pay 2 rents. My brother said he will help but is on holiday for a week, friends would but don’t like bothering them too much as they’ve got a house full of newborns and toddlers to look after. I was feeling really good about life at the beginning of the month but all this has hit me like a ton of bricks and I’m well and truly overwhelmed! I could just lock the front door and go to bed and pull the covers over my head. I’m sorry to be going on about things but I’m in tears and can’t understand how people are expected to move house, in 3 days. What do I do? I really need a bungalow/ground floor flat but theres so much work involved!

Dear Linda,

Apologies (again) for problems you’ve had posting.

I’ve done everything I can- and (fingers crossed) you shouldn’t have any further problems. Not with the forum, anyway.

Re your situation, personally, I’d rather pay the 2 rents and haveas much help as possible because it sounds like it will be too stressful to move in right away. Yes, it’s annoying to pay rent when you’re not there, but it sounds like an easier option.

Maybe you could get it cleaned in the mean time.

That’s what I’d do anyway.

It sounds like you need somebody to talk it out with- please call our helpline- they’re very good

0808 800 8000

Kind regards

Stewart (admin)

I agree with Stewart about gritting your teeth and paying the two rents to give yourself a bit of breathing space - if you can possibly manage it. I don’t know much about HB, but presumably the legitimate expenses associated with moving home will deplete your savings to the extent that you will qualify for something into the future. Keep the receipts for everything, but no one is going to argue that reasonable moving/deep cleaning/settling in costs are anything other than allowable expenses - i.e. not being incurred to get you below the financial threshhold on purpose.

Keep calm - you will find a way through this. Do not be afraid to call in whatever favours you need from family and friends to help you.

Good luck.


Just what I was going to suggest, use up some of the savings on the move. What is the point of having money in the bank if it is costing you every month. A friend of mine made a move in similar circumstances to you in that she had savings which stopped her HB. What she did was bought a shedload of stuff which made her home beautiful and as comfortable as it could be for her. She got the big screen TV, the King size adjustable bed etc etc. Also bought herself a new buggy to allow her to go out more. She now has full HB and also has savings in the bank. A winner all round. Also why was your ESA stopped? Can that be re-instated? Last thing, ask for help with themove, I am sure your friends would rather you did. Gary

Thanks everyone! I’ve just come back from the Housing office. Someone’s going to phone me tomorrow, but don’t know whether I’ll be able to get my feelings across properly on the phone, I feel rotten, been crying all afternoon and I’m starting to get sciatic nerve pain down the length of my right leg, I’m washed out already and I’ve not even got the keys yet! Looks like I’ll have to pay the double rent unless they can extend the moving in time. I just don’t have any motivation at the moment, I think I’m trying to find a way out of moving cos I don’t have a clue where to start.

If you have too much savings for HB you need to spend some!

The council will want to know what you spent it on so keep receipts but moving house offers all sorts of legitimate spending – carpets, curtains etc.

I agree 100% with Gary. What are savings for??? For when you need them. You need them now – spend some money on one of those companies who will send in an army of cleaners to give the place a good fettling.

If you have been claiming ESA for 12 months contribution based ESA will have ended. If your savings are too high for HB they will also be too high for income based ESA. Once you have done some spending you can ask again to have your income assessed and apply for income based ESA. You don’t have to go through the application process for ESA itself again – just fill in the financial statement. DLA is not meant to be a benefit to live on. If that is all you are getting once you get your savings down from £12000 (preferably under £6000) ou will get money again.

I know it might feel like these savings are your life boat but they are costing you a lot in lost benefits and you can sort almost all your worries with a bit of spending.


yes get it spent!

cleaning is vital when you have a compromised immune system

also it will take some of the pressure off you because only when the new place has been cleaned do you need to move.

stop crying and start day dreaming about what luxuries you could buy for your new home.

good luck babe

carole x

Buy stuff to make you comfortable and happy. I’ve come to the conclusion that this f’n illness is so unpredictable that it is pointless having the safety net. I mean, it seems like they will help if you dont have it but will expect you to cough it up if you do. I watched my father save his whole life for his retirement, have a stroke 6 months after he retired and then spend £700 a week in nursing home fees until he popped his clogs. It was then I decided to live for the day. If you are lucky enough to have spare cash it seems better to get some enjoyment from it whilst you are able to enjoy it rather than planning for some unforeseen future. I know not everyone feels this way but I have no intention, after working my whole life, of letting these despicable bunch of scrotes who make up this punitive government off with anything. Right, now that I have finished my " Mr angry" from Purley rant (ala Steve Wright in the afternoon for those of a certain age) I will go count my meagre savings. Gary

Hi. I almost cried for you. What an awful situation to have to cope with when stress worsens symptoms just to add to your misery. Sorry but I agree with what has been said. Moving home on its own is in the top ten most stressful situations for healthy people. Make it easier for yourself. Look at it like this - is this likely to be the last house move you’re going to make? If so then you want nice flooring so you won’t have the upheaval of changing it. Decent curtains will fit right and if you choose them right will last many years.

If the place is nice and has been properly cleaned you’ll settle in easier and if you can afford to, pay someone who really needs the money to hire a van, or better still hire a reliable man with a van to do the heavy work for you. In the long run you’ll handle it better. Money is nice to have but it’s there for a rainy day, and at the moment you’re in the middle of a monsoon.

Good luck and take care.

Min x

Hi, I know everyone else has said the same, but go and spend some dosh to get under the limit for help.

Afterall, what`s wrong with making your next (and probably your last) home as comfortable as poss.

Dont lose the chance of this bungalow, after searching so long for the right place.

Pay the 2 rents out of your savings and employ a firm to clean the new place, yeh?

That`s what I would do in your situation hun.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

I agree with what everyone else is saying.

Clear some of your saving and pay the 2wks rent. It will be worth it in the end.

We are HA tenants and recently moved from a 3 bed house to a bungalow. We had to pay 2 lots of rent too for a couple of weeks but IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!! What a difference a bungalow makes to our lives.

Won’t it be lovely when yu are all moved in, just keep thinking of that!!

Hope it all goes well and try not to worry.

Shazzie xxx