Hello i rarely post on here but always reading posts i have really awful mottled skin looks like ,leopard skin , ! purple and mauve ,used to be just my legs but now all over me, very unattractive is this linked to MS ? any advice would be good this is depressing me more than the MS thanks in advance , Sue , x

R u taking amantidine ? Sometimes mottling can be a side effect of drugs I believe. Hope it subsides if it’s bothering you x

I think you might be talking about something that’s sometimes called “corned beef” skin.

I don’t think it’s particularly associated with MS, but can be linked to other auto-immune conditions, such as lupus, or Hughes’ syndrome.


Hi Sue,

Look at and get a test for Hughes Syndrome.

Many Hughes Syndrome patients complain of ‘cold circulation’ and this sometimes manifest as a blotchy appearance of the skin of the arms and legs, described in medical textbooks as “livedo reticularis” or, more prosaically, as “corned beef skin”. It can also cause repeated sores (ulcers) and bumps (nodules) of the skin.



Also take a look at

Good luck.


I have this on my arms and always supposed it was due to ms.

Hi Sue! I often think of you and wonder how you’re doing. Sorry about the new skin thing (which I can’t help with, sorry), but I hope everything else is good.

Karen x

Hi, I get this on my legs,well mainly just above my knees, which is where I get nerve pain, my GP has tested my circulation and it is not that, I sometimes get it in my feet, now another lady I know with MS also get’s this, my GP put’s it down to the nerve pain as everything else has been ok, it has never been suggested to me about Hughes syndrome, oh and my feet are always cold, the nerve pain I get is either a burning sensation, or cold, hope this makes sense, and helps, take care, Jean x

Hi again, I’ve just looked at the hughes syndrome site and my skin doesn’t look anything like the picture there showing, mine goes more the colours of the rainbow, Jean x

Hi Sue

I used to have this (and still have it on my legs and feet) But its cleared off my face body and arms thanks to hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT). Its wonderful and its helped me so it might help you too hopefully.

Hope this helps, Mary ;-)))

Hi. Just had a heamotology appointment for exactly the same thing!! Only appeared november & my legs are all the colours of the rainbow!! Thought it might be to do with Neupro patches (for leg pain) they put me on, obviously not!! Its come on gradual & am very very aware of it. MS team dont now what it is. Theyve ruled out ciculation probs. Unfortunately appointment not til sept, so cant give any explaination yet. Think Mary might have an answer!!! Tracey xx

Hi Sue,

Just realised I have this too. Only noticed it a couple of months ago on my legs.

Just googled ‘corned beef skin’ and it came up with hundreds of pictures of food! ha.

I have Raynaud’s syndrome -poor circulation, another extra to MS. In the winter when it’s cold (maybe I should be taking it now

as typing with 2 jumpers on and 2 pairs of socks and a coat). I take nifedipine to help with circulation.

Maybe go and see Dr. Keep warm, Jen x

thank you for your replys , can say yes yes to most!! i am takeing amandtrine , but that has been ruled out , and do suffer from poo r circulation and my feet and hands are always ice cold ! my skin looks just like that in the hughes syndrome site , ive got a docs appointment next tuesday so hopefully might get somewhere , beginning to fel like a freak , sue x

Well, this is weird. Even in this heat, mind I live in an old thick walled house that is still cool, I still have ‘corned beef’ mostly left leg and arm.

Googled it and this came up… noticed I posted in 2012!

Seeing MS nurse tomorrow, I’ll mention it. Don’t like the sound of thicker than normal blood. My MS nurse has left so meeting new one. Taking my MS notebook with me so prepared for anything.

Hope everyone is keeping cool in his heatwave that other countries call Summer!

Jen x

Hi Jen Isn’t is a brain twister when you don’t remember having posted on a subject? Sue

i have strange bruises in strange places. my arms because the door handles attack me every day. my thighs because our huge dining table comes to meet me when i’m walking past. but the strangest is a mark that looks like a love bite. i’ve had it almost as long as i’ve had ms. used to it now but hubby said that he didn’t remember putting it there! i replied that he didn’t.

Oo’er Missus!!

titter ye not!