Skin problem?

Hi, anybody having skin problems? I have this sort of rash and it’s been around for quite some time and not long ago started spreading. GP had/has no idea what it is so referred me to dermatology. Maybe coincidence but past some time I also feel worse, weaker, more numbness etc.

I’m also havng problems, I keep getting pink patches of skin on my eyelids or under eyes, amost slightly burnt as the patches peel… I seem to be havng the same problem regardless of what I use, my very expensive Eve Lom (treat to me as my skin was the best it’d ever been when I discovered it!), it’s my one definitely can’t live without and now even that is giving me these pink patches

Sonia x

Thanks for replying. I don’t have it on my face - yet! Started on my arm, then legs, then tummy, back, shoulder…slowly but surely more. At least it’s not itchy! No idea what it could be but looks like the skin is kinda inflammed and patches feel a bit warmer compared to normal bits.

Syl x

I mention this but it is unlikely to be but you could have Hughes Syndrome and not MS. One of the symptoms of this could be blotchy skin (livedo reticularis); see and is sometimes misdiagnosed as MS as very similar symptoms.