Mother of the Bride

Text from the lovely Poll. She has had an absolutely fabulous day. The daughters dress was beautiful. Sumptuous meal. She is worn out and now going to sleep. Nitey Nite.

I have had a text too Frances, I’m so pleased a great time was had by all. Would love to see the outfits too! Poll will sleep well and be very content tonight! Linda x

I’m so pleased to hear that (it’s been a bit drizzleyand grey for me today, so I did wonder)

Sonia x

Soooo pleased to hear that a great time was enjoyed. Hope Poll slept a contented sleep! Dawn. Xxxx

Allo you lovely mates of mine!

The weather was very kind to us…sunny and dry and not too cold.

I did sleep well…Mr Polly did too.

Gonna post all about it.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I’m so pleased it went off so well hon.

Pat x