Mother and daugther activites

Hello everyone, my mother has MS and is still quite active (also headstrong) but obviously gets tired quite easily, i just wanted to know if any of you had any suggestions on activities that we could do together e.g. pottery classes (she isnt into spa/makeover/photoshoots) that would be suitable for her and if there were any that are free or very cheap? We are based in the west yorkshire area, thank you in advance

Hello Carrie,

It really depends on how active your mother is. She could join a local MS group, or there are places that play cards. But as I say it depends on how active she is and how she feels on the day. Also there is painting. Just a few suggestions.



Our local theatre has discounts for disabled and carers/companions go for the same discounted rated. Means that you might be able to see a live performace for a similar price of a cinema ticket. Might be worth checking out.

If you think that a class or some sort might interest you both then contact your local college or look on line to see what is available.

How about the WI? Good way to meet new people and listen to an interesting talk once a month and something that might appeal to you both. Its not all jam and Jerusalem nowdays .

She is lucky to have such a caring daughter. Best wishes.