no mojo

Morning all, hope you’re all as well as you can be. I’ve been diagnosed for some years now, I’m spms and things are getting harder and harder, before MS I used to love to exercise and for a time after being diagnosed still tried to do things, but over the last couple of years this has gone, I’ve lost my mojo, because everything I do has an impact on my symptoms, especially the fatigue, I love being with other people, so ideally would love to attend a class, but finding 1 isn’t easy for the time of day that suits me, mornings are best, showering is even really difficult these days, so me thinking about anything physical is overwhelming, any suggestions ?


MS stinks! If you’re asking about classes

Try contacting your local MS society. Mind does a weekly exercise class and a local monthly coffee group.

Or get your MS nurse, if you have one, to refer you to a neuro physio. I did 6 weeks gentle exercise at the hospital gym then was referred to the local council gym for the exercise on referral. Was other people with neurological problems - strokes etc. Lovely group of people regular sessions.

If you just want classes of anything try U3A. University of the third age - for people who are retired or semi retired have hundreds of courses. Just look it up in your local area.

Your local library will have a list of courses etc.

Hope you find something that you enjoy.


thank you for that, I know my local group do 1, but its in the afternoon when I’m at my most fatigued, but I’ll check that out with my nurse

Hi anon, have you thought about maybe getting a care assessment? If everything is knackering (get that), would it help to have a carer?

I have had carers for 9 years. me and hubby really struggle if ever we dont have one. ie bank hols and christmas. The cost is too much at those times, so we do it ourselves.


my husband is my carer and he a marvelious job.

My carer had an emergency at home last night so couldnt sleep over or be here this morning…too late to ask the agency…so hubby stepped in. But I havent showered or had all the usual stuff…just a quick mop round till tomorrow!

Google Staying Well…to find out what`s going on in your area…or ask CAB