mortgage struggles

Hi, not really used to these forums so here goes.My wife has PPMS and cannot work. I am self employed and find it increasingly harder to try and earn enough money to pay our bills at the end of each month.

Main problem for us at present is that we own our house and because it isnt able to be adapted to suit her needs, then the local authority have put us on their adapted housing list should one become available(never going to happen i dont think).

We are paying interest only repayments at moment but cant continue like that or we will never pay off mortgage.

Is anyone else in this kind of scenario as we just keep going around in circles at the minute.?



The only people who can give you a helpful reply are likely to be financial advisors. Unless you find one on the Forum your best approach would be to talk to someone at your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Is your wife claiming PIP? Or Employment Support Allowance? You may be eligible for other benefits, again the CAB can give you advice.

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I know you have probably checked, but have you a ‘critical illness’ as part of your insurance policy?