financial assistance??


im just wondering how to go about financial assistance and if i can because i work. i spent most of last year ill and on the sick upon till the point of getting a diagnosis i do work part time and i have a hubby that works full time. but because of my sickness and the fact we have a 1 year old it has severly damaged our finances and cany=t seem to get back on top i dont know what to do :(.

Hi The first thing is not to hide from it. Do you have a mortgage on your property ? If so, have you checked for critical illness cover on your mortgage. Do you qualify for any tax credits? Check out any benefit entitlements thru benefit advisor on website. Do you claim DLA or pip. Check for entitlement. Have you looked for the best deals on gas, electric and insurances. Paying bills by direct debit can save money. If you pay any bank charges contact the lenders and discuss the situation. They can often help if you talk to them. Cab can look at your financial situation with you and suggest ways to help. If you pay prescription charges then prepayment cards can spread the cost. Sorry if I have mentioned the obvious. I used to work in the financial sector providing advice for people having difficulties. As I say, one thing not to do is ignore any problems. Best wishes Neil