Advice for financial help

Hello everyone,

Iwas wondeing if any one out there s able to offer some advice. I have spent the last10 yrs plus working temp jobs, full on work followed by periods of time off. This last yr i have not done so much work, was luckyenough to have some savings and we have been traveling, with the last month or so wild camping in scotland, where there was pleanty to do but allthat needed doing was collecting firewood, so my days were spent sitting by the camp fire poking it. Other than looking lazy i was a picture of outdoor health. Now we are back just the minial jobs of hanging out the washing and preparing meals leaves me broken. I had hoped that after a long stint of no work or stress id be re charged and ready to go, this has not been the case an i feel worse as time has gon on. My body tinles all over all the time, my eyes are only pain free for the first hr of the day. As the daygoes on i get tireder and tireder and my legs start to really hurt. I have to sleep in the afternoons, as wel as emotionl outbursts and crying.

I do not see the gp ever as just get told “hmmm, yes probably just he MS” otherthan being annoyed by the “JUST ms” its a waste of everyones time asthey cant do anything any way. Same with the MS nurse, a sympathetic ear but nothing can be done. I do see te consultant but thats infrequent, brief and she cant wave a wand either.

It has become apparent that i can not work any more, but wat do i do. we looked at new jobs and retraining, but now i feel even worse. I am the picture of health. Always been work hard play hd, self surficient type, indipendent and stubbon. Has anyone out there any surgestions? how do i go about getting financial help, if i can, if i cant, what do i do? Any help, advice or pointers greatly appriciated.

thank you

Hi Sophie.p,

You might find that you will not get many bits of fianical advise, everyones circumstances are different and prospective views are not the same.

My best advise I can give is for you to contact the Citizens Adive Bureau, they will be able to tell you your rights, benefits and advise you on any debt problems you may have.

Unfortunately giving finanical advise is a very difficult area, if you haven’t been trained. What works for someone, may not work for another person.

I know from my charitable role we have to “STAY OUT” of giving financial advise in all our cases, it is so riddled with grey areas, we may say the wrong thing. The best we can do is direct you to the CAB.

You have to decide on your own, after recieving the proper advise.

Becarefull, Andy

Have you applied for DLA/PIP and there’s also ESA if you’re too ill to work. offers great advice on claiming benefits. It costs around £20 to join but it’s worth it. The forms are awful to complete without their help

Good Luck,

Sarah x

Wise words from Dogtaion.
I joined “benefitsandwork” in January and have subsequently won my PIP award!
I’m sure the literature and advice on the site made the difference.
Always remember it’s how the condition limits your life not the actual condition that it is granted for.

God luck and take Great Care!


Thanx for the replys. I looked at the pip2 form. I can feed myself. Walk and talk unaided so not fitting the criteria. Despite the fact i need to sleep, and feel like death warmed up, but its all physical they look at, none of it how you feel! Oh well, not sure what to do now other tnan start playing the lottery and hope i win.


Hi Sophie, I don’t think you should be so quick to write pip off. Fatigue plays a huge role in the way people with ms cope. The key words in pip are reliable and repeatable. It’s not so much if you can do something once but can you do it in a reasonable timeframe, without discomfort and could you do it again. I can just about get food for myself but I don’t think that I do it in a reasonable time frame (with all the resting) or to a reasonable standard. Nor can I do it everyday. Also one of the hidden benefits for MSers is the fact that if a situation exists at all in a 24 hour period it can be classed as existing all day. Thus my fatigue that cripples me in an afternoon is dealt with as though I had it all time - even though I don’t. I really advise you to spend a bit of time looking at PIP guides to see if you do fit the criteria even though your knee jerk reaction is that you do not. I would second the advice to find out what your position is re ESA. It will depend on your NI contributions and or partners circumstances and is too complicated to deal with in a forum. If you don’t want to go to CAB there are places you can check eligibility on line. Try Jane

I agree with wendels look at the PIP form again i thought the same as you i can cook and look after myself but everthing now takes me atleast twice as long to do and can only manage one task at a time without a long break inbetween. you just have to think of the things you use to help you do you have a walking aid ,do you sit down to prepare food , do you need a mat for the bath or shower and hand rails it is surprising when you think about it . Dont rule anything out . Katy