Money how will we cope?

Hi Roomies, Hope u all good. I’m going hill quite fast at the moment it looks like my partner will have to give up work to look after me, Now i’m getting scared about money Mortgage pymt, Gas/Electric, council tax etc… who would be the best people to contact to find out wot benefits or help we could get. Thank you Heidi x

Hi So sorry to hear about your circumstances. A couple of pointers to start may be the benefits checker on Making an appointment with cab may also be beneficial. Do you have any cover on your mortgage for critical illness that you may be eligible for? Hope things get sorted. Neil

hiya Raradiva,

I don’t know much about the benefits side but if you look at the top of this page under Support - there is a page to go to about benefits etc. I would start there and maybe also make a few appointments with your local benefits office and also with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Take care

JBK xx