Morphine induced insomnia

Hi Guys. I was wondering how many of you have experience of this? It’s driving me insane and really affecting my ability to work. My patients look healthier than I do at the moment. How Did you manage to treatment it? I need the morphine to control my pain, but I need sleep. When I’m tired, my pain is much worse. Any ideas? I’ve tried the hot milky drinks, sleep hygiene routines etc… I’m desperate now! Yours, wide awake at stupid o clock and due to be up for work in an hour and a half, Shell xx

Hello Beamer

Sorry your having trouble sleeping. I used to find listening to meditation CDs worked for me…never got to the end of them.

It does seem like you’ve tried to solve the problem. You may have to consider asking your gp to prescribe short term sleeping tablets in order to get your body clock back into rythm.

Good luck xxx

Give the GP or MS nurse a call and get help…insomnia is a terrible thing, when your’re tired and lacking sleep, its tough to function…its good that the morphine eases the pain but you need something to counteract the lack of sleep…

I use the morphine patches but find that they give me hot and cold sweats for the first two days which disrupts my sleep. I find I am up until midnight and don’t feel sleepy and then back up out of bed before 7 some days because it seems less painful to get up and move. I’m tossing and turning all night and some nights only manage a couple of hours. Reading sometimes knocks me off to sleep. I think you should ask he gp or ms nurse they may be able to suggest something, actually seeing an ms nurse myself after new year and I’m going to mention it also.

Hi Shell Temazepam is my easy sleep tablet. Usually works ok. However many don’t approve as they say its addictive and difficult to come off. Being tired at work is no good for you so you must have a solution. However might be a short term solution for you Hugs Min xx

I love clonazepam (I think both this and Temazepam are benzodiazipans but could be wrong about the second one). I take it for twitchy legs but find it gives me great sleep as well. It counteracts the sleep-disturbing effects of Fampyra. It is addictive but I’m still just on one tablet a night after being on it for three or four years (so I’m not needing more to get the same effect).

I was just thinking Beamer…as one does lol. Have you tried a couple of paracetamol with your warm milk at bed time? It just might give you that bit of extra relaxation.