I know the whole country is currently stressed out and anxious right now, and I’d assume that sleep issues have absolutely rocketed.

I’ve always been a very good sleeper and rarely struggle to drift off/stay asleep. However, with the anxiety in recent weeks, I’ve found myself lying awake for hours at night despite being exhausted. When I do eventually drift off, I have mad dreams (which I rarely remember) and usually wake up out of breath, drenched in sweat or with my entire body clenched so tight, it takes a few minutes to relax.

Anyone taken anything over the counter or otherwise to help with this? I’m apprehensive as I don’t like the idea of the ‘hangovers’ people describe after using sleeping meds, however I feel like I’m running on empty and as we all know that can be a recipe for disaster! :frowning:


Hi, my nerve pain killer…amitriptyline helps me sleep. No side effects


Baclofen, Amitriptyline and Gabapentene all help me sleep. Separately, not all together.

Thank you for the replies. I was taking gabapentin for a while but it made me super spaced out (hard to function during the day) Will definitely have a look at amitriptyline and the others mentioned. X

I don’t sleep well now, down to pain and over active mind, think about something and nothing, not worried about anything, just can’t stop it. I used to take Gabepentin, but after 13yrs it stopped having the desired effect, I take Baclofen for the stiffness and spasm’s, don’t really want to take meds, so I do mindfulness, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, for me this is the way I want to do things, we’re all different, good luck, x


Don’t you want to try a more natural way to regain your sleep such as meditation? You mention your insomnia is anxiety related so if you manage to calm your body and mind you are very likely to regain your sleep. I am a sophrology practitioner (a cousin to mindfulness) and it’s a natural and effective way to calm down. There are plenty of free apps available as well like headspace or calm that you may find helpful.

This seems to be a common problem for alot of folk now, as our lives & routines have changed dramatically - my dreams are weird as well & I tend to waken most nights around 3am and toss & turn for a while before nodding off again, then when morning comes I can’t get out of bed - the joys of lockdown & MS. Speak to a health professional about it & see what they advise.

I do mindfulness and at times this does help me, not only with sleep, but with pain and anxiety, I got a book, which comes with a CD, Mindfulness for Health, it’s a good read, written by 2 people who know about pain, might be worth a try, I was told by a tai chi teacher to not expect it to work all the time, sometimes are better than others, x x