more n more angry

alot of you already know me by now with family problems and health problems, but lately my anger has really gone out of the window, i know that steroids will effect your mood but not to this extreme, went out shopping today with my crutch as normal, yesterday was a great day that i didnt need it, but woke up today paying for it as i tend to really push it and do as much as possible on a good day, i felt really disapointed in myself that i had to rely on good ole crutchy for help again, went out early in the morning to get some shopping (nice quiet time) and some nasty witch with her boyfriend/hubby and her kid in the buggy was behind me and all i could hear was her telling her bf/hubby to get as close to my legs as possible before they tripped me up, i tried to speed up but my legs were killing me, i already had 2 bags of shopping in one hand n crutch in the other, they kept up pace with me, i kept looking behind me and they just grinned n kept getting closer to the back of my legs, i ended up moving to the other side of the path and slowed down to drop the bags and beat the hell out of her, they just sped up and kept going, im getting more and more angry to the point im shaking, this is really putting me off going out now as people are now starting to get physical, aswell as verbal with the abuse, i make myself go out as it is, but now i dont want to anymore, ive now got to the point where i just want to beat the hell out of anyone to stop them getting me first as i know they will, i dont know what to do anymore, im tired in every way knowing what im going to face from others, i went out saturday for a little bit to go to mum and dads, got half way there and ended up getting a taxi back home as my legs made me look like i was drunk and all over the place and all i get is a group of young lads shouting at me from across the road that i was a fat ugly drunk and to go sleep it off, im starting to feel non human like a freaking animal, ive had enough, is the abuse something to get used to? or will it ever stop?

I do not know what to say except that I am so sorry that you have this to deal with. My mother used to say to me when anyone was giving me a hard time: ‘Remember who you are’. It was good advice. Remember who you are - a person who is entitled to be treated with respect. These people’s actions say nothing about you, and everything about them. Do not ever forget that. Alison

i got myself to the point that if i got abuse then id laff it off and make them look like idiots, but then that one thing pushes me over the edge completely and im back to square one again where i hate people and im angry and tired all the time, i dont use a crutch and i never hear a peep out of anyone, i use a crutch and its like open season on the freak who deserves to get targeted, i must have been a right evil witch in a past life to deserve this that im getting now, ive started writing a little book about whats wrong with me and the resulting abuse i get from some people, trying to atleast get them to think twice, dont know what good it’ll do

have you spoken to the police? i’m sure they would do something, this kind of bullying needs to be stopped.

everybody needs a little self respect and its hard enough with this MonSter.

take care, hold your head up high so that you can look down on these lowlifes.

carole x

I’m with Carole, go to the police, it’s harrassment and it’s bloody cruel :frowning:

You don’t deserve this and it’s not surprising you get angry but all that anger’s not good for your health…

Feel free to message me if you want to talk, my hubby is Mr Angry a lot of the time just because people are so stoopid!

Take care and look after number one!

Sonia x

Another vote for going to the police. Give a full description of these bullies, what road is was on, any other witnesses etc. At the very least it means it may get in the local press and the police will have to go out in the community and ask if anyone else witnessed it and if anyone knows who these people might be. Once they know you are NOT going to put up with it they will back down and think twice before picking on a disabled person again.

What has this country come to?

Hold your head up high next time you go out. You are doing so well to keep going the way you do with everything you have to deal with. If they had to walk a few yards in your shoes, let alone a mile, they would have the utmost respect for you.

Take care

Tracey x

you know when i read your post the first thing i thought was report it to the police i see others are of the same opinion, so call your local community PC this is disgraceful

I’d go along with get in touch with the police. Were I live we have a very friendly cso

the police cant do anything they say, i cant tell them exactly wat they looked like as i didnt have my glasses on as they are broken, as it was yesterday theres really nothing they can do as the chances of me coming across them again are basically slim, they can try to do a report for me, but basically its going to be a waste of time as nothing can be done, so i asked wat do i do next time it happens because it will, i said that wen it happens again n i end up on the floor, i told them if they come out then i will beat the crap out of the person who did it before they get there as im sick n tired of it happening, they politely just said that if i commit a act of violence then they will have to arrest me for it, go figure, so next time ill take care of it myself instead

Awful that you cannot walk the streets and go about your business without feeling threatened. I can see why policemen and some cyclists have taken to wearing video cameras to record what happens. Are there any CCTV cameras in the area that may have picked it up? I am lucky no one would come near me when I have my dog with me. For some reason people are very wary of black dogs and I never let on that he would lick them to death!

yeah theres a flippin big cctv cameras less than 200ft away, but the how did they put it…the resolution on the cameras arent that good so they cant often make out peoples faces on them, wtf use are they if they cant see peoples faces?, as i said ill deal with it myself next time, then they can explain in court why im the one being arrested wen the equipment they have is no good to use to help me, decided yesterday i wasnt going to go out, today i think stuff it, im not going to hide like i should be ashamed of who i am n wat i look like with a crutch, they dont like it, then they can put up with the consequenses of there actions, im done hiding n runnin scared, they want to abuse me, then watch out coz my inner witch is coming out

oh my word

where do you live?

i dont live in a posh area but the people round here are great.

feels like a real community. more like the village it used to be than the town it is now.

take care, keep your head held high.

if you got arrested we should cause a riot then we’ll all be arrested, now that will get loads of publicity.

have you spoken to your local MPs office, local press etc

I would write a letter to the Editor of the local newspaper and tell them what happened and that the police have been as much as a chocolate tea pot. I’m sure that would make a great story and you might even find the police are suddenly taking an interest again. There’s nothing like a bit of bad press to generate good service.

Tracey x

Awww you poor thing. This made me feel really sad.

I must admit I don’t ever go out alone. I am always with either my hubby or one of my sons. It really hurts when you get abused like that. Veral abuse is as bad as physical abuse in my eyes.

The last time I went out alone about 18 months ago I was having a really good day and thought I would leave my stick in the car and lean on the shopping trolly for suppport instead. I was feeling really good and then this older couple appeared and started shouting at me that they saw me park in the disabled bay and that I should be ashamed of myself as I was walking. If only they knew the truth. Some days I can’t walk or see. The followed me round Asda the whole way muttering abuse to me. I was soooo upset. I am sure that is why I can’t go out alone now.

I didn’t tell anyone at the store. I just wanted to get out and home.

I am so sorry you have suffered the same sort of vile verbal abuse.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Are you sure that the girl didn’t say to her boyfriend NOT to walk too fast because they were worried that if they did catch up to you they might trip you up? Obviously, you’re not able to walk as fast as them because of your legs so maybe that was what they were implying. I know sometimes I don’t hear people correctly and think they say something different to what they have actually said !! Mind you i suppose if they were worried about this all they had to do was politely ask you if they could pass. If they were deliberately goading you they are complete scumbags and you shouldn’t even waste your much needed energy on them. x

They were doin it on purpose, my local mp is as useful as a chocolate teapot, just another experiance to learn from, not to trust anyone and don’t bother asking for help as you won’t get it

I’m so sorry you feel that way. At least you know you can come on here for moral support

T x